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Newt Gingrich’s Presidential Campaign Platform: Keeping The Gays From Getting Any More Rights

Newt Gingrich, who believes in heterosexual marriage so much he’s committed it three times, is going to put the brakes on the Radical Homosexual Activist Agenda if he becomes commander-in-chief. And how does this dangerous man plan to do it? He tells the AFA’s Bryan Fischer that he’s going to return the Bush-era “right of conscience” to America, because really, “it’s very disturbing” that Catholic dioceses are getting out of the adoption business because they’re been banned from discriminating against gay parents. As for that Obama guy refusing to defend part of DOMA in court? Newt, who’s basically been forgotten in his “home state” of Georgia, hates the current administration’s selective defense of certain laws. Because in a Gingrich administration, there would be no confusion about anything whatsoever.

And if you need a further laugh, here’s Newt once again spinning his multiple marriages while defending his conservative values:

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  • McMike

    Give me a break. He’s blaming the LGBT community on the Catholic church shutting down adoption agencies. So, their hate of homosexuals exceeds their desire to find orphans homes??? Religion is such a f’n fraud. It’s unreal he’s talking about “classic Christianity” since the dumbf*ck is technically committing adultery since he’s on his 3rd marriage. btw, it’s unreal the GOP is trying to act as if Bush never, ever, neglected to defend laws in court. The hypocrisy coming from the religious right is beyond obnoxious. I am soooo sick of the religious right having the highest divorce rate and them trying to act as if they’re not committing adultery. Sure, they can say they’ve asked for forgiveness but asking for forgiveness doesn’t give you the green light to keep committing the sin you’ve asked forgiveness from.

  • justiceontherocks

    Anything we can do to keep priests away from young boys is a public service.

  • Doug

    If we fault Obama for his lack of focus and drive to fight for and defend gay rights, look at how much focus, drive and determination those who hate us have to take those rights away! It’s fucking scary how the hard right wingers will work to destroy our rights and the whole left and center of America.

  • mikenola

    I wonder what his lesbian sister candice thinks about this?

  • gw bush

    1. he has ZERO chance of ever being president
    2. how can he preach morality when he himself cheated on his wife, DURING THE CLINTON IMPEACHMENT??!!
    3. he is a total hypocrite

  • Sonyia

    I am against homosexual relationships. This destroys marriages. I do not believe that the high divorce rate in Christians is only on Christians. I know a lot of marriages have failed because one partner of the relationship made a decision to live a homosexual lifestyle . This is a sin.

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