Nice Package: Zeno Zit Zapper


As sexy as it is to let your boyfriend pop that zit on your shoulder, wouldn’t it be nice to make it go away yourself, and quickly? And that’s not even mentioning the ones we sometimes get on our face. We remember being teenagers and wishing there was a magical machine that could just make our pimples disappear. Oh what we would have given for such a machine. Our adolescence would have been so easy, except for the whole “being gay” part.

Well several years too late the machine has been invented, and is available at Sephora of all places. If you trust their testimonialsenough to spend over $200 on such an item, please let us know how it works. We are curious and the teenager inside of us is very excited.

Zeno Acne Clearing Device [Sephora via Shiny Shiny]