NJ Catholics Use Sermon To Remind World They Don’t Dig Homos

Less than a week since civil unions commenced in New Jersey, The Garden State’s Catholic leaders used yesterday’s services to remind followers where they stand on gay marriage. Of the decision, New Jersey Catholic Conference executive director Patrick R. Brannigan said:

We would be foolish to sit silently knowing that people are very effectively articulating a position that is in opposition to our church teaching…

Hmm, because people were actually going to forget the Catholics loathe the gays? That would require mass amnesia and/or idiocy.

Standing together, righteous followers recited The Prayer of the Faithful, a portion of which begs:

God our almighty Father has given married love, its faithfulness and its fruitfulness, a special significance in the history of salvation.

Don’t Catholics believe God gave us everything? If that’s the case than, yes, this God person gave us marriage, but doesn’t that mean He (or She) also gave us homos. We’ve never really understood this logic. Nor, it seems, do the Catholics.