NJ Couple Sues Chris Christie Over Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

chris-christieIn a stunning development, the outlawing of gay conversion therapy in New Jersey is somehow impugning the rights of the straight people who reside there. The nerve of us.

CBS New York, the NY Daily News, and the Associated Press are reporting that a New Jersey couple is suing recently re-elected NJ Governor Chris Christie over the ban on gay conversion therapy that was recently signed into law by the NJ state senate.  The ban is being challenged by an as yet unnamed couple who is seeking to get treatment for their 15 year old son, who they claim suffers from “unwanted gender identity disorder and unwanted same-sex attractions.”

These two freedom fighters allege that the law violates their freedom of speech and free exercise of religion since they’re unable to seek “treatment” for the poor kid who’s unlucky enough to have them as parents.

What is the world coming to? First, NJ banned gay conversion therapy that has been repeatedly proven to be a barbaric, homophobic, psychologically damaging joke and some are up in arms. Next thing you know, they’ll be approving gay marriage. Oh, wait…

There are no winners in this case, only losers, especially the poor kid who will undoubtedly soon be shipped to one of the many wacko conversion therapy centers that are still allowed to exist in this country.