Actor Against Adoption, Holidays, Happiness

No Babies for Rupie

Rupert Everett won’t be adopting any guppies anytime soon. The 48-year old out actor tells Daily Express he ain’t down with adoptive fag dads.

The openly gay 48-year-old actor believes it is not a good idea that homosexual male couples be allowed to adopt children… Everett, who is single and admits to taking an “old-fashioned” line on some gay issues, says: “Oh God, I could never do that to a child.

“Can you imagine what it would be like, having your two dads coming to school speech days? And hearing those awful queeny rows while you are trying to get to sleep?”

Well, you could always adopt a deaf kid, right? Or just fight in a whisper, although that’s not very effective.

Before you get the wrong idea and think Everett – who happens to star in kid favorite Shrek franchise -some baby-hating monster, consider this quote from LondonNet:

I love kids. I have 10 godchildren. But I’m not a very good godfather. I’m not good at remembering birthdays. I don’t believe in Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. I don’t even like Christmas – I find it all a bit sick. People are emotionally tricked into spending so much money. So I don’t think I will adopt. I don’t think it’s for me.

Word. Babies are expensive. So are holidays. Let’s abolish both. And, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of emotions, too. They just get in the way.