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No Babies for Rupie

Rupert Everett won’t be adopting any guppies anytime soon. The 48-year old out actor tells Daily Express he ain’t down with adoptive fag dads.

The openly gay 48-year-old actor believes it is not a good idea that homosexual male couples be allowed to adopt children… Everett, who is single and admits to taking an “old-fashioned” line on some gay issues, says: “Oh God, I could never do that to a child.

“Can you imagine what it would be like, having your two dads coming to school speech days? And hearing those awful queeny rows while you are trying to get to sleep?”

Well, you could always adopt a deaf kid, right? Or just fight in a whisper, although that’s not very effective.

Before you get the wrong idea and think Everett – who happens to star in kid favorite Shrek franchise -some baby-hating monster, consider this quote from LondonNet:

I love kids. I have 10 godchildren. But I’m not a very good godfather. I’m not good at remembering birthdays. I don’t believe in Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. I don’t even like Christmas – I find it all a bit sick. People are emotionally tricked into spending so much money. So I don’t think I will adopt. I don’t think it’s for me.

Word. Babies are expensive. So are holidays. Let’s abolish both. And, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of emotions, too. They just get in the way.

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  • Ash

    What the fuck?!

    I get sick whenever I hear about queers insisting it’s not okay for queers to parent. How much more self-hatred can you have?! I am so sick of hearing every celebrity’s goddamn opinions and politics. Fuck you, Rupert Everett, because I always thought you were wonderful because you were on of the few in Hollywood to be out and proud. But really you’re still so ashamed of being gay that you have to suddenly assure the red states that you’re not down with a gay-dads-adopting-babies level of sin, merely a dude-sucking-off-a-dude level of sin.

  • cjc

    I’m with you Ash. Let’s kick his ass.

  • Rowen

    What happened to him? didn’t he kind of used to be attractive? what’s with the meth diet look?

  • forbesfart

    Rupert looks trashed.I was offended by him and the article.Why give him the space? I wish queerty would clean it up.’the adoptive fag dads’.Repulsive.

  • Lamb Cannon

    i never thought he was a baby-hater…. just an overrated talentless faggot shitheel about 30 years past his prime (kinda like elton john minus 10)

    soory, just have to tell the truth sometimes

  • maverick69

    uh-huh, That’s why that queen is still single. Way to go Rup. Don’t care much for him and never have. Guess this is why. I could see if he felt too old to raise children. What an ass..hole

  • afrolito

    The man is entitled to his opinion, and I think he’s really talking about himself anyway. I can’t imagine him parenting a child either.

  • abelincoln

    Rupert – my hero!

  • Paul Raposo

    Ol’ Rup has only two acting modes: brooding and speaking slowly and brooding and speaking quickly. My left nut has more talent than Rupert–and works more often.

    All he’s done with this interview is present his own fears, phobias and regrets. I’m sure if he showed up at any of my events; father, or not, I’d be horrified.

  • Paul Raposo

    Let’s start a pool on how soon Rupert declares his new found heterosexuality. He’s got all the telltale signs and poor history, which would make him a candidate for “reparative” therapy.

  • RyRy

    …wow, what a sellout.

  • nycstudman

    It’s not meth – it’s the “English diet”: cigarettes & booze. Too much of either will drain your skin & make you look haggard after 40.

  • Bryan

    What an asshole faggot. Just because he is completely unfit to be a parent doesn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, mean that there aren’t plenty gay men and women out there that are excellent parents.

  • logan767

    one: i know plenty of well adjusted children parented by gays.

    two: not all gays are screaming queens. (not that there’s anything wrong with screaming queeens.)

    three: don’t blame it on your sexual orientation if you’re not interested/ready to be a parent.

  • bolorin

    Didn’t he just do some interview about he wanted a boyfriend but couldn’t seem to find some one to settle down with? Maybe it is is attitude.

  • John C

    So he made some off-the-cuff comments (assuming they’re true at all) to A TABLOID. He was on TV in the UK on Friday complaining about light-hearted remarks to another tabloid (the “I need a man” stuff) being blown out of proportion. I’d love to see how you people would fare here in a similar situation; make a joke, the knives are out. Calm down, for god’s sake.

    Is Queerty so starved of news sources it has to plunder the worst of the British newspapers so regularly?

  • BillieXX

    Calm down people. It’s just a famous person talking. Not much to get worried about.

  • Ash

    But it IS something to get worried about, Billie. He is one of the most prominent out gay men in show business, one of the only ones in fact. When he says bullshit like this, idiots listen, and it’s idiots who vote for Bush, bash gays, and kick out their teenagers when they come out. A famous person talking influences a lot of people. Don’t be naive.

  • BillieXX


    Does Everett set policy? Does he select judges? Does he have any political power? If he wants a bill supported does anyone take his call? Come on brother, he is just a famous person flapping his gums in the word. People who are going to bash gay kids or be homophobes do not get their marching orders from Everett.

  • nycstudman

    It’s true. He’s just a fucking movie, um “star.” I never could understand why our culture elevates actors above, say, surgeons, teachers or garbage men.

  • Jack Jett

    i would like to add to no. 21…..

    teachers, garbage men, and aging tv gasbags.

    Hack Jett

  • Ash

    You’re right, Billie, he doesn’t set policy. But it is still significant when someone that visible and out says stuff like this. People do listen. And when idiots hear gay people hate on their own kind, it makes it more okay in their eyes to hate on gays as well. Nycstudman, whether or not it’s right, and I don’t believe it is, our culture DOES elevate actors above everyone else, and that influences a lot of people. Look at all the idiots who sent Paris Hilton letters of support in prison. Support!!!! Stupid, ignorant people without lives shape their views from actors. Denying the power of these statements doesn’t change anything. Any time a prominent gay person speaks out AGAINST gay rights it is a huge blow to our community.

    And Billie, I believe you want to say “sister” not “brother.” I am a woman. Thanks.

  • CondeNasty

    It actually looks like a combo of cigs, boose and a badly botoxed brow and mid face lift. YIKES. This current sellout is no news to me. When he was marketing his snoozefest of a book a few years ago he openly griped about the fact that being out cost him alot of work…..

  • james_boston

    I agree with Rupert! You go girl!!

    -Rev. Ted Haggard

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