No One Except Hate Groups Want To Work With Anti-Gay Dr. Turek

The fun starts at 3:30

Remember Dr. Frank Turek, the guy that Cisco Systems fired for writing a bunch of anti-gay articles? Well, Bank of America just let him go too after 15 years of teaching team-building exercises for his anti-gay work. In a friendly chat with hate-group leader Tony Perkins, Turek wonders whether he’d would have been fired for writing a book defending marriage equality. Maybe not, but they probably would have fired a racist.

Oh, and there’s more…

He says, “Marriage for the country is not about recognizing love between two people, it’s about recognizing a relationship that actually propagates and nurtures the next generation.”

You hear that, everyone? Marriage has nothing to do with love. It has to do with popping out kids.

David Badash from The New Civil Rights Movement also points out two of Turek’s other lies:

Turek falsely states, “I get a lot of flak for agreeing with what a majority of Americnas agree on, and that is that marriage is between on mean and one woman.” Well, Dr. Turek and Adams, you’re wrong. We now have at least five major nationwide polls that find that the majority of Americans support same-sex marriage.

Turek also falsely states that only a man and a woman an best-nurture children as well. False! And we have studies that prove that as well.

Perkins adds, “We’re unlike the other side that is constantly shaking down corporate America for money and for political leverage that they’re using them for. We’re just saying, ‘Stay neutral.'” Yeah, anti-equality folks never ask businesses for cash or political support. Oh wait… they do.

Besides, Perkins would like to act like LGBT activists have “shaken down” Cisco Systems and Bank of America to fire Turek when it was Cisco and BOA employees who said that they didn’t want to work with an anti-gay author. That is, the sentiment against anti-gay contractors in these cases has come from within the corporate culture itself, not from outside activists.

Co-host Tim Wildmon says that the American Family Association has shown that when businesses support equality Christian consumers speak loudly with their money and show them “there’s a price to be paid”. Oh, Lord… he’s not talking about the AFA’s failed, years-long Home Depot boycott, is he?

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