Concerned Citizens Take Teacher's "Pro-Gay" Book

No Open Minds At Catholic School

Anti-gay hysteria recently reached a fever pitch at a Canadian Catholic school. A group of exceptionally nosy activists lobbied the Waterloo Catholic District School Board to ban a book called Open Minds To Equality. Why? Because it advocated empathy for homophobically harassed students. Blasphemy!

Slap Upside The Head explains:

The book, entitled Open Minds to Equality, advises on how to deal with ageism, sexism, and homophobia in schools. While the resource was available for teachers to consult, it was not required reading, nor accessible by students directly.

Jack Fonseca, a spokesperson for Defend Traditional Marriage and Family, was thrilled by his lobbying victory: “[The removal] will make it more difficult for the book to get into the hands of teachers who might’ve been misled by the flawed lessons within.”

And wouldn’t it just be a crying shame if an upset child found a caring shoulder? God himself would weep – and he doesn’t even have tear ducts!