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  • Smartypants


    My patience with gay semi-closeted Republicans is long exhausted. So glad I didn’t renew my Manhunt account after this story first broke. Friends tried to convince me to get back on after the announcement of the funds being returned. Happily I ignored their pleadings. Though I haven’t had a date since canceling. THAT makes me CRANKY!

    Recommended alternatives to Manhunt would be much appreciated. Just don’t tell me to try Craigslist to meet someone. That site is full of married men looking for a decent blowjob. My callused knees and faded gag reflex are no longer available for the momentary delectation of those conflicted and/or cold-hearted men bound by the chains of heterosexual matrimony.

    So I am one unforgiving bitch these days and I refuse to give my money to any candidate or business that has acted against the gay community — EVER. Hell, I still don’t drink Coors because Harvey Milk said not to back in the mid-70s.

  • Charles Merrill

    They had rather keep it than generate national publicity as with Bob Dole and Log Cabinettes.

  • Brian Miller

    Meh, doesn’t matter whether they donate the money to anti-gay McCain/Palin, or anti-gay Obama/Biden. It still makes (even bigger) whores out of the rest of us.

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