NOM To HRC: Thanks For Helping Us Raise $437K


The Human Rights Campaign’s website has helped the anti-gay organization raise cash, NOM claims: “In response to the campaign, the National Organization for Marriage launched its own site,, an online ‘money bomb’ with a goal of raising $200,000 over 7 days. With a matching grant in place, the total campaign goal was $400,000. NOM announced today [Tuesday] that the campaign brought in a total of $237,583 from 986 supporters before last Friday’s midnight deadline, qualifying for the full $200,000 match and bringing the total amount raised to $437,583 in just one week.” Yes, but does NOM have a fancy Visa credit card its supporters can flash at Target? Didn’t think so. To be fair, HRC (along with the Courage Campaign) had this awesome rebuttal: Great, but now we’re registering a complaint with the IRS over your tax status. [NOM]

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