NOM To HRC: Thanks For Helping Us Raise $437K


The Human Rights Campaign’s website has helped the anti-gay organization raise cash, NOM claims: “In response to the campaign, the National Organization for Marriage launched its own site,, an online ‘money bomb’ with a goal of raising $200,000 over 7 days. With a matching grant in place, the total campaign goal was $400,000. NOM announced today [Tuesday] that the campaign brought in a total of $237,583 from 986 supporters before last Friday’s midnight deadline, qualifying for the full $200,000 match and bringing the total amount raised to $437,583 in just one week.” Yes, but does NOM have a fancy Visa credit card its supporters can flash at Target? Didn’t think so. To be fair, HRC (along with the Courage Campaign) had this awesome rebuttal: Great, but now we’re registering a complaint with the IRS over your tax status. [NOM]

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  • slobone

    So — what? Is HRC not supposed to go after NOM?

    Obviously, whenever any group fights for its rights, there’s always going to be a backlash. Same thing happened with African Americans, women, and every other group. If you all remember correctly, all those anti-gay marriage amendments to state constitutions didn’t even happen until gay people started demanding marriage equality.

    We’re in this for the long haul, we’ll eventually wear out all those bigoted f*ckers. As long as we stay focused and don’t get caught up in inter-gay bickering…

  • Ran

    Let’s hope HRC and the Courage Campaign have enough hard evidence to do some serious damage to NOM with the IRS.

  • Sapphocrat

    OK by me. The more money bigots waste on NOM, the less they’ll have to enjoy the finer things in life — and if they’re happy paying for NOM’s fancy hotel stays on their failed Hate Bus tours, so be it. When their Social Security checks can’t keep them out of the poorhouse, they’ll be praying to Vengeful God for that $20, or $500, or $10,000 they wasted on the giant, stinking turd that is NOM.

    And, besides, the more bigots in NOM’s donor reports, the more bigots I can identify in my Prop H8 donor database — thus, the less we gays spend at their businesses, thus, the less they have to spend, sending them that much quicker to the aforementioned poorhouse.

    (Truth be told, I think NOM is lying through Gaggie’s mossy, rotted teeth.)

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