NOM’s Social Media Fail And Admission That Gays Are Godless

for the longest time the so-called National Organization for Marriage has pretended as if they are “a multi-faith, broad coalition arguing on the basis of good policy and the common good.” But the recent update to their Facebook page reveals that they actually see gay couples as outside of “God’s plan.” For a group that has long stood by pseudo-scientific junk-sociology to “prove” that kids “do better” with heterosexual parents, it’s nice they’re finally admitting that religion is what actually fuels their arguments.

In other good news, NOM’s June 24 to September 1st campaign to raise $100,000 for 100,000 combined $1 Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers has only raised $598. Seems that failure is part of God’s intent for NOM as well. The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn’t she?