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North Carolina Gets Ready For Its Close-Up

It’s going to be a big year for North Carolina. On May 8, voters will get to decide whether to support an amendment banning same-sex marriage in the state. Activists in the state have come up with “Vote Against,” a feel-good campaign that reminds us a lot of Adam Bouska’s No H8 crusade. If you stand in solidarity with the cause and come to one of their events, you can get your picture taken in a glamorous photo shoot with the “Vote Against” tee-shirt on, so as to post to all your social-media networks.

Making impassioned citizens feel like celebrities for supporting a grassroots cause? We’d say that’s pretty cool.

In September, the Democratic National Convention (and, we’re sure, a whole ton of gay activists) are coming to Charlotte, NC. By that time, the spotlight will shine on the state that bravely voted against a crazy amendment, or on an anti-gay state hosting a big gay convention. Let’s hope for the former.