North Carolina High School Crowns Trans Homecoming King

Blake brockingtonWe’re having heart palpitations over how fabulous this story is: a high school in North Carolina (!) has crowned its first trans Homecoming King. But really, everyone’s a winner right now.

Congratulations all around but especially to Blake Brockington. He beat a dozen other contenders for the title, and he sounds like an absolutely amazing young man. He raised more money than anyone else for a school-chosen charity (Sudanese school-builders), he plays rugby, and he’s attending UNCC in the fall. And he mentors young trans kids.

And all this is going on while he’s living in a foster home, since his bio-father is unable to deal with his transition.

Homecoming King simply isn’t sufficient for this kid. Just make him President of the World.

You may remember a similar incident last fall when a California trans girl won Homecoming Queen. Cassidy Campbell is our hero, too. She was targeted by bullies after her win, so hopefully Blake won’t have to endure too much of that. She just released an update video about her transition, the stresses of public attention, and figuring out what to do with her life.