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  • Darth Paul

    So? I permit my straight friends to call me that, and call them (male and female) that as well. Linguistic prohibition is stupid.

  • John Santos

    So when someoen sees you coming out of a bar and calls you a faggot, you shrug it off?

  • mark

    I see a rehab-quick-fix in this little dipsh*t’s future, if he has any plans of acting in the future.
    You picked the WRONG fuckin’ career path, if you have a problem with queers.

  • Kid A


  • spunkbox

    he’s not even that cute, and his movies suck ass. Transformers?- shit. Indiana Jones?- garbage. Fuck Miss LaPoof.

  • Rock

    As they say, It takes one to know one, Shia!

  • dubwise

    Darth Paul is a faggot!

  • afrolito

    Dumbass faggot

  • fredo777

    Meh. I really wish he hadn’t used that word, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call him unlikeable (aside from this incident).

    I thought Transformers was great, actually, + that he did quite a good job in it.

  • RPCV

    I’m gay and when I see effeminate boys/men with or without demonstrating a raging queen syndrome I always call them faggot. Shoe fits wear it……

  • lucking

    I liked him in his latest SNL.

  • Anarchos

    I thought he sucked like a Dyson in Transformers and thought he had some douchebag tendencies. Yeah.

  • averageguy40

    Have to disagree. I thought he was great in “Indy”. Also it sounds like he was playing with his friend. It isn’t like he called someone that out of hate. Give the guy a break. And he is that cute…

  • hell's kitchen guy

    He’s this year’s Matthew McCoughnahey

  • reversion


    Sure you’re gay, RPCV.

    Given your past trolling comments, and the fact that you say, “I’m gay” therefore such and such, makes it all too obvious that you’re not really.

    After all, someone doesn’t go onto a gay blog and says, “I’m gay.”

    And the way you’re talking about effeminate boys/men shows you’re just a piece of shit.

  • mark

    I agree with reversion, you don’t go to a queer forum and have to annouce you are gay, so you can use gutter slurs. Me thinks he admits too much.

  • mark

    btw. RPCV,

    that’s MISTER faggot

  • RPCV

    Actually, if you’re really effeminate it’s Miss Faggot. A lot depends on the voice – if that’s really queer, I cringe. I view it as an assault on me personally. I live my life as a man, if I wanted to be with/around a woman I’d be str8.

    And, if you’re like Christian Siriano, my posse and I will have a good time with you when you round the dark corner………

  • bruno

    big fucking deal. this is a faggot site, faggots. my friends call each other faggot every day. use the word and it loses it’s meaning. Trying to stir shit up isn’t going to save your faggoty snarky jobs or the fact this site will be toast in a few months.

  • RPCV

    Good point, Bruno. Listening Mark and Reversion??????

  • mark

    “my posse and I will have a good time with you when you round the dark corner………”

    Yeah, threaten a motherfucking BASHING on a queer forum…buh bye LOSER

    ” the fact this site will be toast in a few months.”

    Dimwit, this site has been up for years, and other queer forums have been around for DECADES.

  • mark

    Bruno you seem as CLUELESS about gays as RPCVFor your information, in the top 5 original Microsoft creators one was gay. LGBT people were much more tech savvy than heteros, and we were online much earlier. So toddle back to Breederville, and say hi to Brad and Janet.

  • Marc

    Noone thought he seeemed a little drunk or high in the clip?
    He sure is rambling and rambling

    Don’tcha thinK?

  • mark

    First I could be Christian’s grandfather.
    Second it doesn’t suprise me in the least, a cowardly f*cktard like you would need an entire POSSE, and lurk around a dark corner to even ambush an slight framed effette guy like Christian.
    Third I’d slash you and and several of your posse before you took me out.

  • mark

    oh, and a final point RPCV
    My lover is body builder and wrestler…and he’d take out the rest of you slugs.

  • faghag


  • Mr C

    Children please stop going after RPCV.

    Just read his other posts on here where we have words with each other because he tries to be intellectually racist and I haved asked him since he feels such a way about us Blacks in DC to come out and play and run his mouth then LIVE in person.

    Girls she is just a internet venom spewer.

    So kids don’t fret. He poses as a “elistist” queen. But R2D2 I did like this statement you made:”my posse and I will have a good time with you when you round the dark corner………”

    Well can they have a good time with me around that dark corner in SE since you try to spew so much racial epithets towards Blacks?

    Still won’t come out and play.

    But everybody on the real. We do need to stop using epithets in our communities that we wouldn’t want people that isn’t from the community using.


  • Darth Paul

    Uh-oh! The fags are getting punchy!

  • babeswhocare

    Maybe someone should send Neil Bolton in to kick his homophobic ass.

  • alan brickman

    he wasn’t saying it out of hate….leave him alone…

  • Jaroslaw

    Why will this site be toast in a few months?

  • faghag

    I agree, the guy is a sweetheart normarly, get off his back you bitter queens.

  • tracy johnson

    “Spunkbox”, Please give me permission to start using “Miss LaPoof” as my user name!

  • SeaFlood

    I want to point out for posterity the intersection of sexuality and race. When a B/black person uses the f-word, you are ALL up in arms. There is no discussion, the person is damned and, usually, the entire B/black community along with the person(s).

    Now, while there is some discussion and even some minor damning, this is on par with Isaiah Washington and yet I doubt, seriously, that he will go to rehab. That he will start to lose jobs or work.

    Now, one could say that’s the difference between small and large screens and I would not argue that, but I do think we should all pay close attention to how our outrage at someone using the f-word is tied to the RACE of the person saying it.

    What I am getting at is that whenever a heterosexual person uses the f-word, regardless of their race, gender, etc., they are linking into various systems of oppression. We must learn how to be consistant and even in our condemnation because when we aren’t, we display -isms working through us.

  • RPCV

    Mr. C: Check a post form a few days ago. You were a no show at Crabby Joe’s. Why? ‘fraid of this gringo?

  • ndres

    Silly Shia. Doesn’t he know the gays run Hollywood? mister geffem was most likely thrilled to hear this.

  • ndres

    *geffen, lol

  • BobP

    Call me faggot and I guarantee it will be the last time you do that. Shithead.

  • RPCV

    BobP: Faggot. Period.

  • ndres

    Come on yall. Love is the only cure, Can’t we all get along?

  • mark

    How is this pathetic loser RPCV continuing to post here, he threatens and slurs other gays?
    He’s a one note racist homobigot…and the song is 5000 years old…ENOUGH!
    Let him go post at Red States or Protest Warriors, he smells up this site.

  • CitizenGeek

    “Faggot” is just an outrageously offensive word. Sorry, but it is.

    The fact that Shia LaBoef uses this word (even when it’s not directed at a gay) speaks volumes about how much of an idiot he is.

  • bigm&j

    settle down now……

  • Ophelia Pax

    [.//Oh my~ , All this arguing for a little incident , Yes What Shia did was wrong and he should be more mature about his language, I am seventeen and I don’t run around insulting other people , but at the same time he is still a child and he probably said it because it is the current trend , but none the less it was disrespectful. And as the argument containing RPCV , He is just as venomous as a snake and giving him attention only makes him feel good. Its best to ignore children when they have misbehaved -bows politely- I hope I have not stepped on any toes with my statement , If so please forgive me ahead of time .]

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