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Not Only Was Michael Jackson Not Gay, He Was a Player?

So dire is the posthumous reputation of Michael Jackson that three of his bodyguards must go on network television to insist the late singer was not a homosexual.

Not surprisingly, Jackson’s former bulls Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard, and Mike Garcia also have a book — In Defense of the King — to sell as they hit up ABC for a June air date, where they’ll supposedly dish on his not one but two girlfriends he maintained just before his death.

Which, what, makes him bi?

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  • terrwill

    Its amazing to what lengths people will go to when they have something to sell (inthis case a book), including blatantly lying. Anybody with a brain has long ago figured out MJ was gay.

  • Samwise

    I don’t think he was gay, I think he was a pedophile. Big difference. He was attracted to little boys – not grown men, not grown women – little boys.

  • Oscar

    And who are these women? Elizabeth Taylor and Brooke Shields?

  • Cam

    Two girlfriends he maintained…..JUST BEFORE HIS DEATH, would this be like the “Hot girlfriend up in Niagra Falls” that the movie nerds always have?. LOL! Yeah right. Just like that girlfriend they trotted out several years ago that was supposedly an ex of Riky Martins, she gave a bunch of interviews saying how great he was in bed, but she dissappeared when people on blogs pointed out that there weren’t even any pictures of them together.

  • Gay Rights Now

    Bullshit! A good friend of mine had a business dealing with Michael years ago at Neverland and was hit on by him. He was gay!

  • Jaroslaw

    For heaven’s sake, let M be straight. I don’t want him on our team anyway……

  • dvlaries

    I wish he hadn’t died.
    That was such a nice quiet time between the second trial and last June. Pity it couldn’t have gone on for some decades.

  • Amber

    If MJ was gay it really wouldn’t bother me, however I don’t believe he was. (I won’t go into all the reason here because it would be a book, and yes I am a fan) I understand that some will think the bodyguards are only saying this to sell their book and that may be true. However, we don’t really know if wanting to sell the book means they ae lying about this do we, just as we don’t really know if Klein and Jason are lying? I think Klein is lying, he seems like an publicity hound, especially after he did that interview with TMZ. I honestly think the bodyguards seemed more believable and sincere in their interview than Klein and Jason did. Plus they did their interview before the one interview with Klein and Jason aired. Either way it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m going to believe what I want anyway. In truth though I’m kinda glad that the bodyguards are disputing the claim, only because it actually keeps MJ’s sexually a mystery still, where it really should have remained in the first place.

  • Ron B of LA

    He wasn’t a pedophile – if he was his kids would be seriously screwed up. I do thin he was gay.

  • Joshua

    MJ is NOT gay retarts he`s a player he had more firends that were girls than boys so shut the fuck up. okay ya people don`t know crap about him

  • Joshua

    btw #6 wat team our you on the homo squad and the 5 people who put thumbs up you are gay too alright mj is the king of pop and he could get more girls than you(oops i`m sorry you`re gay . ps i have no problem with gays i have a problem with mean retared gays like YOU!

  • Joshua

    by the way # 6 your team is gays i have no problem with gay people i have a prblem mean gays like YOU mean homo!

  • ewe

    @Joshua: YOU are the rotten queen.

  • JLa

    Sorry MJ was not gay sorry dudes

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