Idiot Logic

Not Yet Sick of Excuses for Keeping Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

Then allow us to introduce some new ones! Or at least some new spin on some old classics. Crossville Chronicle: “First, people who will not send their sons on overnight camping trips with openly homosexual male scoutmasters, and this is most people, will do everything they can to keep their sons from enlisting. That widespread social attitude was decisively demonstrated in the recent election in California where Proposition 8, which banned same sex marriage, passed by a comfortable majority. Next, discouraging heterosexual males from service will change the culture of the services. This fact is well established by the parallel example in my Catholic Church. Faithful Catholic writer Michael Rose’s study of Catholic seminaries, “Goodbye, Good Men,” presents overwhelming evidence that a lavender mafia emerged in the post Vatican II Catholic Church, gained control of admissions in many seminaries, and literally pushed away young, strongly faithful heterosexual men who gave their full assent to the church’s teachings on sexuality.”