Now Every Gay Couple Wants to Win a $100,000 Free Wedding

Trailing by about 3,000 votes in Crate & Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest, gay couple Gregory & Jonathan (who are leading Queerty‘s own poll) are losing out to heterosexual duo Mary & Densey, a Chicago cop paralyzed in the line of duty. But with a full month to go before voting closes, it’s still anyone’s game, and Jeff & Lexx (an artist and a firefighter, respectively) want a piece of the action.

Our love story, huh? Well, I could give you the cliche “uphill battle” story, but really, it’s pretty typical. Guy goes up to guy and, being a hip urban dude, suavely says, “Hey, nice tattoos”…..guy responds, “Thanks, but-I’m-recently-out-of-a-relationship-and-not-looking-to-get-involved.” I think, WHEW, OK! But, a friendship begins and during the course of a year there’s lots of laughter, lots of talks, and then on one such night it hits me…hard…he’s the ONE. It’s so cool to be marrying my best friend!

Cute story — but we’re going to need more than that if there’s any chance of your 22 votes catching up to the 8,000+ that it’s taking to lead this contest. Where are the anecdotes? The funny stories? The first date mishaps? Make us fall in love with you, people!