Nursing Student Took Shirt Off His Back To Save Stranger’s Life During Orlando Massacre

nursing student pulse

We’re likely to hear many stories of courage interspersed with the horrific events at Pulse as details continue to crystalize. Joshua McGill was there that night, and his acts of service in the face of true terror are not going unnoticed.

The 26-year-old nursing student shared his story via Facebook the night of the attack, explaining how he escaped the nightclub and was hiding under an SUV when he crossed paths with a man who had been shot — Rodney.

Jumping into action, McGill assessed Rodney’s wounds, finding two gunshots. McGill took off his shirt and used Rodney’s shirt to tie tourniquets, and together they darted to safety.

They found a police officer, who rushed Rodney to the hospital given the severity of his wounds.

“While we were in the car, the police officer was telling me to keep him conscious by asking him questions, and applying pressure,” McGill told CBS and NBC in phone interviews. By the time they reached the hospital, McGill was covered in Rodney’s blood. He watched Rodney be wheeled into the hospital, and was left to begin to grapple with the unimaginable events of the night.

McGill posted the account to Facebook in hopes of getting in touch with Rodney again:

Early Monday morning, he posted this update:

Later he appeared on Facebook Live to express his gratitude for all the support he’s received. In the clip, he says that while people are calling his story an “act of heroism,” he was “just doing what [he] had to do at the time.”

You can watch his comments below: