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NY Sen. Carl Kruger Wants To Ban Grindr Use While In Motion

Carl Kruger, the New York State senator who voted against same-sex marriage amidst big time rumors that he’s a big ‘mo himself, has a new pet cause: banning the use of cell phones and iPods while you walk down the street. In a new bill he’s introducing, pedestrians would be barred from using their gizmos and whatsits. “We’re taught from knee-high to look in both directions, wait, listen and then cross. You can perform none of those functions if you are engaged in some kind of wired activity.” But some of us only have time to do our mobile cruising during morning commutes.

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  • bob

    what I find so amusing about these proposals from the wackadoodle republicans and teabaggers is that, despite their cry for less government intrusion, they invariably are the ones leading the charge to have Big Brother play more of a role in your personal life.

  • Amaturus

    @bob: Uh… Kruger is a big ol’ liberal Democrat.

  • Vermont

    This stupid fuck is my senator representing the district that I live in… He’s a tool.

  • tallskin2

    @Vermont – we have some serious nutters in Parliament over here in the UK, but sadly, your nutters have more nuts than ours.

    Is it something to do with the christianity put into the water supply over there in the USA?

    What do I mean? Well, once you surrender your rationality and believe in a supernatural skypixie then any old shit, any old fantasy, proclaimed has to be respected.

    If you swim in a sea of irrational stupidity then the irrational seems normal.

    Fancy banning iphone texting whilst walking on the high street? well, simple just say “Jayzus told me to do it”.

    Fancy comdemning gays because you feel bigoted? Simple, say “Jayzus, hates homos”

    And on, and on. Works everytime.

  • Hyhybt

    All right, it’s a bit stupid to be texting and trying to cross a busy street at the same time…. but music? He really thinks you can’t *listen to music* while doing other things? Cars have radios, after all.

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