Can't quit

Nyle DiMarco does ‘Brokeback’

Brokeback Mountain was a phenomenon in 2005; it helped steer the national discourse on gay marriage, it eased fear in Hollywood that a same-sex romance couldn’t be a mainstream hit, and “I wish I knew how to quit you” was a meme before memes were even a thing.

And hey, if the film is also to thank for these come-hither photos from Nyle Dimarco, then we’ll just add it to the list of net positive outcomes.

Keeping things simple, DiMarco captioned this shot “Brokeback Mountain vibes”–vibes, it goes without saying, that we’re feeling:

Reaction can best be summed up by this response:

Though a few more couldn’t hurt:

And we’re not exactly sure what wavelength this guy was on:

A few days earlier, Nyle posted this shot from what appears to be the same truck. It’s giving us more of a Good Will Hunting vibe, minus the Breckenridge part:

Picasso had his “Blue Period”; Nyle has just begun exploring his “Blue Truck Period.”