Odds Are Every Guy In One Direction Is Bisexual, Says Boy George


I wouldn’t know who One Direction were if they fell on my head. I’m older than them, they should treat me with respect. I blocked all the band, I couldn’t be bothered to hear anything they said but I couldn’t help winding up their fans…One tweeted me saying: ‘My mum says you’re a horrible old has-been.’ I tweeted back saying: ‘Your mum’s probably an old, fat ugly bitch.’…I was having such a laugh, fighting with One Dir­ection’s fans all night. I did say some vile things, I had too much sugar. But I really enjoyed it…The odds are one of One Direction must be gay. I think everyone is a bit bisexual deep down, so the odds are they are probably all bisexual. They’re rock stars so it’s what you’d expect, isn’t it? I’d be disappointed if they weren’t.Tattoos don’t make you butch. Look at me.”


— Entertainer Boy George queening out on One Direction in The Daily Star

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  • 1EqualityUSA

    5 erection

  • Snapper59

    All Hail this old Queen. He’s hilarious.

  • BlogZilla

    Of course they are! They’re British! They don’t have the same hang ups that the USA does about sexuality. (Thank God for that) Europeans know how to live

  • Larkin


    I’m not sure that’s quite true… Europeans have many hangups (like the italians and gay marriage (but their protests were awesome and gayer than any gay pride parade).

    I like this group. They are nice and fun loving and have no problem ‘acting’ gay by grabbing butt or crotch. I don’t really care if they are gay or not, but I am very happy they are so open and ‘flirty’. Unlike other boybands, they seek out and encourage the questions. So, no matter what you think of their music, I think they are pretty awesome being the boys they are.

    It sure doesn’t hurt they are cute too.

  • MK Ultra

    @Larkin: I completely agree. One Direction has grown on me. They don’t take themselves too seriously and look like they’re having fun. Plus they seem to be confident in their sexuality, whatever it is, if they kiss each other and grab each other. Really refreshing from the typical boybands that try to put up a thug, gangster image.
    And yes, they are pretty cute.

  • jmmartin

    Are you sure that isn’t just wish fulfillment, George Boy?

  • lailaichong

    they are straight, they are just acting gay, because they know gay boys are cute and hot, everyone knows it, this is why so many people hate us, some of them are jealous, for example Putin, he is too old and ugly to act gay, he can never be cute and hot and sexy again, so he hate gay people deeply. But i think One Direction’s acting is gross, everyone knows they are straight still they are pretending gay?and if someone ask if they are gay they will say they like girls, they are cheap and fake. When they grow old no longer can pretend they are gay, they will hate us as deep as Putin

  • EdWoody

    I find the whole One Direction phenomena really interesting. I don’t think the fans are any more rabid than any other band of their type. Look at the pictures of Frank Sinatra fans outside the Paramount Theatre in Times Square or any number of films of Elvis fans, and then there are The Beatles and even The Osmonds during their day. The big difference is social media, and accessibility to band (which 1D manipulates very well). There is no excuse for the abusive twitter comments, and threats which the fans use, but isn’t this down to immaturity and upbringing? They simply don’t know any better.
    I watched the recent Channel 4 documentary on 1D fans, and I found it interesting and refreshing that the fans are very open to band members being gay, and even in a relationship with each other. The general feeling is that they just want them to be happy. Given all the anti-gay rhetoric in the world today, I think this is fantastic, and a small sign of progress. We always hear stories that it is an artist’s management which stops celebrities from coming out. The usual reason they trot out is the loss of fans etc. etc. We can translate this to mean loss of revenue. I really don’t think this is true with One Direction (if indeed any of them are gay), they could come out quite easily and it wouldn’t make any difference. It would be great if Hollywood would learn from this, but sadly I think that day is a long way off.
    Oh yes, it does help that 1D are cute!

  • GeriHew

    They’re not a real band, they are a totally manufactured vocal pop group put together by a music mogul and specifically designed to appeal to young women and gay men.

    It’s highly unlikely that they’re all bisexual, unless you agree with Boy George that everyone is a bit bisexual deep down.

    Back in the 80s I knew some bisexual girls who were absolutely mad, crazy for Boy George and used to follow him around all over the place. I don’t suppose any of them ever managed to get it on with him. They would have stood a much better chance with his boyfriend though, although he probably wasn’t really girly enough for some of them.

  • Dev.C

    While my gaydar does ring ring ring to a few of these boys who I could careless about, I think it’s more likely
    that a member of that Wanted group is gay and closeted, regardless the fact they got their start performing in gay clubs, they
    say some pretty homophobic sh*t.

  • Greg Garavani

    Hahaha oh Boy George! I’m no 1D fan, however I think these kids are way cute, especially Liam and Niall. Confession hour: I try not squealing like a 13 year old school girl when I see those 2, especially Liam!!

  • Cam

    As I understand it nobody in One Direction was upset about what Boy George said. It was their crazy fans.

    Remember the complete nutbag over the top crazy fans of Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert that used to come on here and attack people on Queerty because “either we were horrible people for assuming that they were gay, or after they came out that we were horrible people for not buying 10 copies of their CD’s because we were stupid and didn’t understand how tough it is to be gay. Ugh…

    Sounds like One Direction has a bit of that going on too.

  • BrandoPolo

    Translation: Queen George is now a jealous, bitter, washed-up twat.

  • Teleny

    @Dev.C: Boy George is right I think.

  • stranded


    LOL, i was thinking the same thing. Well not so harsh. I just think it’s pointless to take the opinion of someone as old as Boy George. I mean he’s not ancient, but he’s working under a completely different mind frame that was developed years before these guys were born.

  • fetch3535

    As I have said before… the boys dont have to be gay, they just have to be present…

  • Jay

    @Dev.C: You have to re-tune the gaydar for Brit mode.

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