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It’s official: Starbucks’ new holiday cups are turning people gay

We won’t lie: we’re way excited we get to use the word “nontroversy” again. This time, it’s to describe the most recent take on the now-annual Starbucks holiday cup controversy.

In the 2017 iteration, people are doing their damndest to make something out of an illustrated pair of hands that are holding, and many suspect these hands are owned by a pair of clandestine lesbians.

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Fox News, for example, is busying itself with grabby headlines like “Starbucks holiday cup causes social media buzz over mystery hands.”

Meanwhile, Business Insider is pointing fingers at another website with “BuzzFeed posted a bizarre theory that Starbucks’ holiday cups ‘might have a gay agenda”.

In general, there’s a lot of this going on:

And this promotional video? Well, people have opinions about it:

Twitter, of course, has wasted absolutely no time when it comes to weighing in on these “mystery hands” — which may or may not be attached to two lesbians who are deeply, monogamously in love.

Have a look-see: 

And some are taking the absurdity to its natural next step, joking that the Starbucks cups have been endowed with magical gay powers: