message wars

Oh Look, Another Soft Ad From Maine’s Marriage Equality Camp

In the latest Maine marriage television ad wars, Protect Maine Equality releases the above spot, which counters Stand For Marriage Maine’s misleading spot. It points out S4MM’s lies (complete with dramatic music snippet), sure, but it’s still letting that group dictate the conversation about marriage equality.

Yup, we want to promote to voters a wholesome, “normalized” image of gay families, which the above ad does.

But where’s the chutzpah? Where are the demands? Where’s James Earl Jones intoning not saying No On 1 will bring God’s wrath down upon us?

Have we learned nothing from California’s Yes On 8 camp, which had the gall to go on the offensive when raping away our rights? Because these weak spots from Maine’s No On 1 group are letting that happen all over again. Don’t think Maine voters (than Californians) need a softer approach for this messaging to work. They don’t. And we need to grow a pair.

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