Ohio Politicians Consider Reversing Ban On Gay Marriage

In Ohio, a ban on gay marriage passed the legislature in 2004 during George W. Bush’s re-election campaign. Now, one openly gay Cincinatti lawmaker says he’s ready to champion the cause, reports WLWT Ohio.

“For young people as myself and the other young members of Council, it’s like this is a non-issue, like, of course this is something that should happen,” said Chris Seelbach, Cincinatti’s first openly gay City Council member.

Gay marriage—totally, like, of course—duh!

Marriage-equality org Freedom to Marriage has put some oomph into the matter by collecting 1,700 signatures, which will begin the campaign to get the issue back on the ballot come November.

But, this being Ohio, there are obviously some dumb anti-gay crusaders, right? Right.

“We’re pro-family, and family is about a man and a woman coming together, raising children,” said Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values. “You know, these people have the right to do what they want to, but they don’t have the right to change public policy… They don’t have the right to expose our children, you know, to homosexual behavior and tell them it’s normal and it’s just like heterosexual sex. It’s not.”

LGBT people are incapable of raising a child, right. And homo sex is so different from breeder sex—we hear that straight people are physically incapable of doing anal.

Anyway, gay marriage in Ohio—going places? Maybe.

We’ll keep you updated, but we’re not holding our breath.