OK City Man Destroys Apartment, Claims “Homosexual Demon” Made Him Do It

jeremy-andersonLooks like demonic spirits are having their own coming out party just in time for Halloween.

Apparently not content with possessing Lili Taylor or expecting you to watch the same movie over and over again, demonic spirits are getting more interesting…and gayer!

CBS Houston is reporting that Jeremy Jarnell Anderson, 22, was arrested after a neighbor called 911 and reported heavy banging coming from next door. Police arrived to find Anderson covered in blood and screaming on the porch, with the walls of his apartment covered in blood, bleach, and “other substances.”

In a true show of homosexual-demon-possessed super strength, he yanked out the medal prods from his chest after being hit with a Taser by the officers and lit a fire in a small corner of the apartment. Anderson was eventually subdued and taken to the hospital where he told health workers that he was high on multiple substances and attempting to get away from a “possessed homosexual demon.” Said demon sounds like quite the party monster as Anderson claimed it wanted to do drugs, have sex, and burn a bible.

There is no word on whether the demon was truly violent or just greatly disappointed in Anderson’s interior design choices, but Anderson is facing charges of first-degree arson.

Attempts to contact Linda Blair for comment have been unsuccessful.

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