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One Day, Amazon.com Will Also Sell Gay Marriage Certificates


Just like certificates of education, getting a certificate of marriage should be as easy as logging on to a website. Is gay marriage illegal in your state? No problem. Just sign on to the government website of another state and apply there, then print out your certificate and start demanding rights at home.

Or that’s the theory, anyhow. Michigan State University legal researchers Adam Candeub and Mae Kuykendall are backing the e-marriage effort, which would allow gay (and, theoretically, straight) couples to shop around for the best marriage license. What makes one better than another may come down to taxation, but for gays, it’s really about access. Reports NPR:

With an “e-marriage,” Candeub believes couples anywhere could go online and download their license from a state where same-sex marriage is legal. Then, they could still have their hometown ceremony with family and friends, the kiss and the cake.

Candeub says the proposal also has value for heterosexual couples, especially those deployed in the military. He argues that e-marriage could better facilitate long-distance weddings.

Still, the concept fails to change the reality that the vast majority of states refuse to recognize same-sex marriage.

But think how nicely it would look hanging next to that Michelangelo print.