“One Life To Live” Actor Scott Evans Arrested In Undercover Drug Sting

Scott Evans, who played a gay cop on One Life to Live in 2009, had a run-in with the real po-po last night: He was arrested attempting to buy drugs from a dealer who turned out to be an undercover LAPD officer

TMZ reports Evans, the openly gay brother of Chris Evans, was booked on a felony charge of possessing a controlled substance Tuesday evening. After posting bail after midnight, the 29-year-old updated his Facebook status: “Most ridiculous night of my life in LA so far. At least I made it a year before getting arrested.”

Aim high, bro!

Check our Scott as Officer Oliver Fish in a steamy scene from One Life to Live

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  • Eddie Jr

    How sad. And a bad attitude to boot. I think he lost a lot of respect with his Facebook comment.

  • stadacona


  • Red Meat

    There is nothing wrong with buying weed, getting caught is LOL tho. He should have someone buy it for him.

  • pscheck2

    why is it ‘cool’ to do drugs in the first place? he obviously has a void in his personality (maybe he is conflicted about being gay? OH, NO!). All too many of these twinks, eventually go over the line and let the drugs control them instead of visa versa! Then OD!

  • LeoR

    Get better, man.

  • DarkZephyr

    If weed is all that he was trying to buy then I honestly do not think it was that big of a deal. Its become legal here in WA. He should just move here. Legal weed and marriage equality. I don’t think he needs to be called “trash” over this.

  • ait10101

    Isn’t that entrapment? Creating an opportunity for a crime. Or have rights sunk that low in the US? I lived there 10 years, but I don’t like to go there any more. Two people I know were rejected entry (one a colleague invited to give a presentation to the World Bank) at the border after they were googled by immigration. Nothing illegal.

  • 2eo

    @ait10101: The argument would be that due to the nature of the crime it cannot possibly be entrapment, he went to him, he wasn’t forced to use him.

    It is a minor technicality the law will use to further erode freedom, and I agree it is entrapment or at least a light version thereof.

    But if you support civil right and personal freedom that makes you a GAY MUSLIM SOCIALIST PLANE STEALING 9/11 LAUGHING ABOUT TERRORIST.

  • ncman

    @pscheck2: He is too old at 29 and too muscular to be called a “twink”.

  • miagoodguy

    And we should care what a no name actor does why?

  • ncman

    @Red Meat: where in the article did you see it reported that the drug in question was weed?

  • NateB79

    I assumed it was something harder since they referred to it as a “controlled substance”.

  • pscheck2

    @ncman: thanks, I stand corrected! in lieu of the word ‘twink’ what would be the word to use to describe his ‘type?’ (Just ask’en).

  • viveutvivas


  • Cam

    Just wondering how many 911 callers, phoning to report violent crimes were put on hold because the dept. was using extra resources to bust somebody trying to by some marijuana.

  • Daniel-Reader

    You get a felony on your record you lose your right to vote – that’s helpful. To any gay kids out there, stay away from drugs – they lead to many problems in the lgbt community, and too many gay guys get hiv because they are stoned or drunk and stop doing protected sex. Then they spend the rest of their lives dealing with the side effects of meds.

  • DerekR

    @Daniel-Reader: Dude you couldn’t buy a f*cking clue…

    “stop doing protected sex” I think you mean stop having protected sex

    “that’s helpful” typical c*nt remark

    and FYI I am HIV positive and have ZERO side effects from my meds – nor have I ever in the last 5 years. Yes would I give anything to be negative and not have to take meds but dude know what the f*ck you are talking about BEFORE you talk…..

  • seaguy

    @miagoodguy: Why should we care about your snatchy comment too?

  • seaguy

    @NateB79: Pot is considered a controlled substance by the DEA.

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