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  • shane

    love it! i want more!!!

  • wj

    John Roberts is buh-rilliant! Has Queerty run a showing of “Jackie and Debra” yet? That is beyond the beyond amazing!!

  • Gregg

    HI-larious! I love the cordless phone sitting unused on the counter.

  • Gregg

    Lo-Larious! I am such a fat pig – I cannot even get up to grab the phone – I wear one of those ghetto ear pieces. Even when I JO because I cannot get a date.

  • Craftypenguin

    Jackie and Debra should be the new Kelly Shoes, only less popular so dumb-asses don’t start quoting it.

  • SandyShoes

    No. 3 Gregg got my comment – LOL @ the cordless phone.

  • SandyTwat

    No.6 Sandy is so clever. Eyes of a hawk!

  • AnalWarts

    That was VERY funny. The garbage and the bathroom were the best. I noticed the wireless – and it looked charged. HA HA HA.

  • wj

    OK… so go to and type in a search for “Jackie and Debra”. Take a look at john’s clowning that just goes far and out there. Then let us know what you thnk.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Sorry, but Linda Richmond got there first. and what self-respecting LI houseiwfe would wear a dress in the house? polyester running suit, yes. Lycra expandable pants and top, yes. But a dress?

  • lisa

    thats not a dress dork, its s a robe. And my mom hasn’t taken her’s off since the 70’s

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