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Only 4 Percent of Russians Want to See Homosexuals Wiped Out

A full 74 percent of Russians believe gays and lesbians to be “morally dissolute or mentally defective persons,” while 15 percent say homosexuals are just like heterosexuals, according to a poll conducted by Moscow’s research firm Levada Center that queried 1,600 adults in 130 cities there. The good news? Only 39 percent think you should be forced into treatment, and just 4 percent want you exterminated! Vladimir and Dmitry are going to be devastated.

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    I would be willing to bet the percent of the frightwing lunatics in this country that would prefer we didn’t exist would actually be higher than 4%…………..

  • Bill Perdue

    That’s an awful statistic but surprisingly low considering the 40 to 50 year virulent campaign of Stalinist anti-GLBT propaganda and the resurgence of neo fascist Russian Orthodox and other christer cults.

    Very early on the Bolsheviks was repealed anti-gay laws but when the Stalinists took over they reintroduced them and launched their anti-gay propaganda campaigns.

  • Gary B.

    With a population of 141,950,000, that means 5,678,000 people want LGBT people exterminated? Like actual genocide of hundreds of millions of people in the world? That is truly frightening. Did they learn nothing from the holocaust? I imagine even cavemen would have preferred to peacefully coexist than to wipe out an entire civilization. Evolution in reverse.

    I wonder if they’d feel that way if they had to pull the trigger on everyone individually, or even if it was their personal decision to have the blood of hundreds of millions of people on their hands?

  • Enron

    Sure wouldn’t mind seeing that 4% wiped out ;)

  • Dan

    Well thank goodness the Russian Federation is breaking apart again.

  • AL

    I think the poll is skewed (should I say ‘screwed’?). Russia is a very homophobic society. The percentage of those who want to see homos exterminated is probably way more than 4%.

  • Evan

    @AL: Nah. The percentage who actively want us wiped out is probably somewhere close to that 4% – unlike in countries that have made more progress on gay rights, there’s not so much social disapproval of homophobia in Russia that the bigots would be overwhelmingly embarrassed to state their views.

    That’s not to say there’s not a much larger segment of the population that would happily participate in the genocide if it were planned and led by the 4%, and an even larger segment that would stand by and watch. That’s entirely possible. Maybe even probable.

  • Max

    It because political mode!

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