Oregon Mom Murders Four-Year-Old Son She Thought Was Gay

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 13.03.45An Oregon mother of three is on trial for allegedly murdering her four-year-old son, who prosecutors say was subjected to regular beatings.

According to Facebook messages ruled admissible in court, Jessica Dutro’s motive was hate. She wrote to her boyfriend Brian Canady that she thought her son Zachary was gay, because “he walks and talks like it. Ugh.”

Dutro added that Canady would have to do some “work” on the boy.

The Oregonian reports that Zachary was brought to a Portland hospital in August of last year, where he was discovered to have had trauma to his abdomen that caused tears in his bowel. He was put on life support, but died of his injuries two days later.

Dr. Danny Leonhardt testified that the boy was beyond help by the time that he arrived at the hospital, saying “we didn’t see him until he essentially was dead. We didn’t get a chance to fix him.”

Zachary’s eight-year-old sister testified against her mother in court this week. Last year, she explained to detectives how her brother “got dead”: “Jessica and Brian, they kept hitting him and punching him… He didn’t listen to them so they kicked him and punched him and stuff and they kept doing it and doing it.”

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 13.02.10

Dutro is charged with murder, murder by abuse and second-degree assault. She blames her boyfriend, Brian Canady.

Canady pleaded guilty earlier this month to first-degree manslaughter, and second-degree assault. Under his plea deal, the murder charge was dropped. He is now testifying against Dutro.

Prosecutors also noted that a search of Dutro’s computer revealed that on the day Zachary’s life support was terminated, she searched terms such as “anger management” and “parenting classes,” and perused online listings for “free stuff” and sex with strangers.

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  • Cam

    I’m tired of these mothers always trying to blame the boyfriend. At least this time the Prosecutors aren’t buying it and letting her off with a slap on the wrist. That woman needs to never get out and never be allowed to raise a child.

  • Texasteacher

    What a heartbreaking story! Rest in peace Zachary. I hope this woman and her boyfriend are dealt the same kind of violence in prison that they delivered this poor little boy. What a sick couple.

  • Desert Boy

    Straight people make me sick.

  • Jamal

    How can you tell a 4 year old is going to be gay? Its so many things wrong with this story!
    At least Sally Fields had the intelligence to support her son like so many other people. Although we will never know the sexuality this child may have grew up to be. I do know its plenty of effeminate or artsy heterosexuals, so she is an idiot. Throw the book at them both!

  • davincibarnette

    I’m so happy the judge din’t buy into the “it was my boyfriend” Bullshit!! Prosecute her ass and his to THE FULL EXTENT!!

  • DickieJohnson

    This is so awful. What total stupidity for “adults”! Often, child abusers don’t fare well in prison.

  • Silent_Joe

    @DickieJohnson: And it’s even worse in women’s prison, especially if the victim was their own child.

  • glittercomments

    @Silent_Joe: I hope she gets beat down for this. She’s EVIL. The boyfriend is evil too, but this was HER SON who came from her. Imagine what kind of mother does this? BUrn in hell bitch.

  • toshafree

    I Want to end this bitch myself he was 4 years old someone need to take a poker to her uterus And force Her ot a drink liquid Drano I have no fucks for people who hurt children they don’t deserve basic human rightS

  • seaguy

    Trash I hope she gets shanked to death in prison. What a white trash bitch.

  • AnitaMann

    Heterosexual parenting. It’s a killer.

  • Kieran

    A mother murders her four year old son because she thinks he’s gay.

    Shouldn’t this be a national news story?

    Shouldn’t the entire country be enraged by this story?

    A 4 year old beaten to death…..for the crime of walking and talking “gay”. This didn’t happen in Putin’s Russia, it happened in Portland Oregon, USA.

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