Last Gasp, Grasp Before DP Law Starts

Oregon’s Anti-Gay Launch Final Effort

Some people just don’t know when to quit! Oregonian lawmakers voted this year to allow domestic partnerships, which go into effect on January 1, 2008. A number of anti-gay activists, however, are using the next few days to piss on the equality party.

From Edge Boston:

…Anti-gay activists are targeting the state with a federal lawsuit, alleging that signatures were illegally declared invalid on a petition to require that the civil unions law be subject to a vote during next year’s election, rather than passed by state legislators and signed into law by the governor.

The right wingers have also been publishing a series of articles meant to scare out the vote, including a piece that says gay prisoners will be given preferential treatment over straight prisoners.

You know things are bad when activists are using prisoners as their model citizens.

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  • Matt

    So here I was, wracking my brain over what “preferential treatment” the rightwingfundywackos might be thinking about (if they could be said to actually think, which is arguable), and then it hit me– it might be possible for two gay prisoners to meet in prison, fall deeply in love, and form a committed union under domestic partnership laws, and the prison would have to let them live in domestically partnershipped bliss together in the same cell! Yikes. What’s worse, of course, is that straight prisoners wouldn’t be able to have domestic partnerships, which demonstrates the kind of intolerable preferential treatment THAT EXISTS OUTSIDE OF PRISONS. Sorry to yell, but these people need to go back under their various moss-encrusted rocks and stay there.

  • Kevin

    The wingers will be howling on January 2nd when the lines form in front of a lot of court houses in Oregon. My home town of Corvallis (Home of Oregon State University) expects a lot of folks to file on the first day. If the the local MSM picks it up, the wingnuts of the Christian right will be crying the end is near for sure. It should be very entertaining.

  • Rick

    No wonder the judge halted it, he’s a Bush right wing appointment and a Mormon to boot. I didn’t think this was a federal issue, could have sworn it was states rights. Shouldn’t this be at the state supreme court?

  • Lone Ranger and Tonto

    No- the Reich wing wants nothing….not marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships or even jumping the broom – no they want the return of sodomy laws, recriminalization of gay sex anywhere, and of course, no adoptions or no gay or lesbian openly having families.

    Yes, they want Cameron elected head of the APA and the DSM-IV returned to gay sickos.

  • Lone Ranger and Tonto

    Accept the least rights…..the blacks did it in the 19th century and it took a century or more for full rights… the queers in the 21st century have to expat in order to get rights.

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