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O’Reilly: ‘So What’ if a Racist, Homophobic Insanely Wealthy Guy Wants a NFL Team?

Rush Limbaugh really wanted to leverage some of his cash reserves to snap up the St. Louis Rams with other investors. Then some black NFLers got all huffy because Limbaugh says racist things. So the investors dropped Limbaugh, who became a “distraction” during the negotiations. Who, then, will come to defend Limbaugh as a wise theologian and smart businessman? This guy, of course.

O’Reilly’s defense of Limbaugh came before he was dropped from the deal, so you might expect more from the Fox Newser tonight. The Factor host’s big defense of Limbaugh? He never said any of these racist things people like the NAACP claim he did! He did, unquestionably, make that comment about Donovan McNabb.