Oreo Gives Cookie Lovers A Taste Of Pride


Yesterday a Queerty reader sent us a link to the Oreo Facebook page, where we were delighted to see Nabisco had made this sextuple-stuff gay Pride image with the tagline, “Proudly support love.”

Thanks, guys. Pride was June 24, but we’re not complaining! As of Monday evening, the post was “liked” 122,684times, was shared 25,627 times and received 14,260 messages, sadly not all of them positive.”“Unliking page and the rest of the ‘kraft’ family products,” wrote one Debbie Downer, “i will not support a company with these views.”

There was one comment that made us smile, though:

“I know for a fact that the elves who live in that famous tree factory in the forest are all gay, and they’ve been working under contract with Nabisco since before Oreos ever came out of the proverbial closet. Every Oreo cookie ever eaten was made with love by a gay little elf, and I for one thank them for all their hard work!

Now a campaign is afoot to get Kraft (Nabisco’s parent company) to produce these rainbow treats for real (below).

As for those bigots who are going to boycott the company for its nod to gay love? They could probably stand to lay off the Oreos for a while anyway.


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  • w.e.

    I defy any grinch to find fault with this.

  • Soph

    @w.e.: They’re only supporting the LGB out of LGBT?

  • 1equalityUSA

    This is a darling cookie. It’s saying to 1,000 hormonal moms, “Bite me.”

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Soph: What anti-trans are you fucking whining about another Debbie Downer?

    For fuck’s sake, can’t there be a post about a wonderful and uplighting movement supporting civil rights of LGB AND T without cry babies making up such bullshit slights and misperceived insults?


    THANK YOU OREO! Thank you Nabisco! Thank you Kraft!

    It is heartening the widespread support coming from such corporate stalwarts as General Motors, JC Penney, and now Kraft, join the other already supportive corporate citizens. Everyday the bigots keep losing ground as more and more just plain ordinary folk come to realize that gay Americans too are fully entitled to the American promise of each their own right to pursue their own happiness.

  • Soph

    @Mike in Asheville: “Proudly support love” clearly refers to only LGB, not the T.

  • farquart

    Question: Do the “T’s” have their own separate organizations that do not include gays and lesbians?

    Answer: Yes.

  • Soph

    @farquart: Since when is Pride a cis-only occasion?

  • MikeE

    @Soph: so I guess T people don’t know anything about love, nor care for it in any way?
    because, assuming that “Proudly support love” somehow means ONLY gay men, lesbians and bisexuals, but NOT trans people…
    I feel sorry for you, living in a loveless world.

  • Jens

    @Soph: Lol, you didn’t understand it at all, didn’t you?

  • Daez

    @Soph: Your argument is absolutely ridiculous. You are essentially arguing that trans people can not feel or experience love. That is insane. You are getting very semantic and trying to make the phrase represent what you want it to.

    “Proudly support love!”

    That phrase can mean, proudly support love for each other, for fellow man, for all human beings. It does not necessarily need to reference the love between two men or two women.

  • Max


    You’ll pardon me since I seem to be missing something, but I thought trans relationships both with the cisgendered and the non cisgendered were something that we should proudly support too. Was I and Nabisco wrong?

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Soph: How in the world are you twisting “Proudly support love!” as neglectful of transsexuals? It DOES NOT say “Proudly support gay love” nor “Proudly support lesbian love” nor “Proudly support bisexual love” — so lighten the fuck up, and “Proudly support love” of those of us who are members of the June Pride club — that is ALL gays, lesbians bisexuals and transsexuals.

    Save all that venom of yours for NOM, AFA, FRC, Repugnantans, the Poop and his cult minions, the Moron (yes, moron) Church and Mitt, and the bigoted haters.

  • DM1

    @Soph: You [email protected] are ALWAYS complaining about something. I think it all starts with the hatred of your own bodies. There is simply nothing that makes you self-mutilators happy.

  • Andrew S.

    FWIW, I identify as trans, and I didn’t find anything offensive in it.

    Any relationship I end up in will be seen as queer in my mind due to my gender identity. The gay pride colors are inclusive of acceptance for all queer/non-conforming individuals.

    And I love that this came only a handful of days after NOM’s ridiculous Dump General Mills campaign.

    Clearly, Nabisco is shaking in their boots.

  • HM

    The cookie makes me smile!

  • David


    There is no such thing as LGBT. It is a false concept created by people like you to hijack the gay movement and impose yourselves on gay people at every occasion. Some people use it out of deference to political correctness, but it does not reflect reality. If Nabisco left off the T, that makes me support them 1000% more.

  • Some Random Guy

    Wrong, wrong, wrong – Keebler cookies are the ones supposedly made by elves. Nabisco has never used elves in their advertising.

    This is like declaring that the Honey Nut Cheerios bee (General Mills) makes Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and says they’re gr-r-r-reat!

  • Jabaroo

    Nabisco isn’t transphobic, but David certainly is. Fudgee-O > Oreo, its has more stuffing! ;)

  • Drew

    Soph I agree and queerty is also being biphobic and transphobic by saying how it’s “Gay Pride” when it’s supposed to be LGBT pride.

  • Raziel Kainne

    @Soph: actually, it’s LGBTQI, now to be up to date but, i get what you’re trying to say. hey, at least they are trying… take care-

  • Hyhybt

    I believe the elves in question work for a different company entirely…

  • Bailey

    i love my whOREO’s.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Drew: Where, Drew, just where did Oreo’s post even use the word “gay”?

    “Proudly” — well proudly does not offend trans and bi’s, does it?
    “support” — hmmm, support does not offend trans and bi’s, does it?
    “love” — again, love does not offend trans and bis, does it?

    Better check the rainbow colors, did they skip the colors for trans and bi’s? No, all colors are there, and in order.


    I guess some folks just aren’t happy if they don’t have something to whine about and someone to complain about. Too bad for you, because Oreos are cookies, the cookie most of us have twisted apart to scrape out the middle first before the wafer. Too bad you are missing out on the yum!

  • Daez

    @David: You are being moronic. There would be NO gay movement without the transgendered people involved. The transgendered people started the gay pride movement in the first place. It was not a bunch of pissed off men at Stonewall, it was a bunch of pissed off transgendered people. Hell, since we base our pride on Stonewall, there would not even be a pride either.

    If you took the time to learn your history you might not come off as such a fool.

  • Christopher

    MY GOD!! Just once I would love to see an article with such wonderful news for our ENTIRE COMMUNITY (how you interperet that anyone is being left out is beyond me) WITHOUT someone makeing a big ruckus about it.
    Here it happens to be a certain group (or more realistically ONE MEMBER of a certain group), but as the topics roll around, it seems that all groups are bent on being equal opportunity BITCHERS!!
    WTF is it about some people that they just HAVE to find something wrong with EVERYTHING?? Even such great support as this……

  • Tom

    cannot help to think that Nabisco is just after gay money and following trend.

  • Mark Jenkins

    First of all- Thanks to Oreo for the cool graphic and the Support! Now- Let’s see’em in stores- if only for a limited time(every June?)-Second- Let’em Boycott! The world will be a better place without all those fat bigots. (They’ll still be bigots, but not as noticable when they stop eating all the products on the list!)

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