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Oscar-nominee Margot Robbie is about to launch a ‘Big Gay Jamboree’

Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie (Mary, Queen of Scots, I, Tonya) has announced she will produce one very gay movie: a musical entitled Big Gay Jamboree.

Details on the plot remain thin, though representatives for Robbie have described the film as a mix of Oklahoma! and The Book of Mormon. The story follows a raunchy, modern woman who awakens to find herself magically transported into a 1940s-style musical. Using her modern sensibilities, she works to make friends and find her way home.

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We’re guessing the Wizard of Oz parallels are also probably deliberate.

Robbie will produce, though probably not star in the film. Alethea Jones (of the TV series Queen America) will direct from a screenplay by Marla Mindelle and Jonathan Parks-Ramage. The film does not have a release date as of yet, though it will likely hit screens sometime after Robbie & Jones’ current collaboration, Barbie: The Movie in 2020.