Our Heart Aches for This Self-Hating Little Boy on YouTube

Oh man is this sad. Little “ChristianU2uber” likes to upload videos to YouTube about Christianity. Some of his clips include “A religous [sic] video to shape your beliefs” and “ShamWoW! or SlapChop?” He’s sort of adorable, in the way all kids are at a certain age. And then comes the heartbreak, when he starts talking about gay marriage in the video above.

It’s not that he doesn’t like gay people. “I’m not saying you’re a bad person” if you’re gay, he says, but “god doesn’t like it.” Oh, and this: ChristianU2uber, who looks no older than eight, reveals he used to be gay, but now he’s not.

“At first I had no idea that it was a sin to get married if you’re gay but then I heard it on the news and, well, I figured it out and I used to be and then I decided it’s wrong and I stopped it and now I am very interested in girls. So gay marriage is wrong and you may think it’s right but really it’s wrong because if you can picture this, picture getting married to your hand … I know that’s a stupid example, but how abnormal does that sound? That’s exactly how abnormal that gay marriage is. It’s not a bad thing really, but it’s just not normal.”

Maybe all that self-hatred is why this boy also uploads videos called “stop calling me a homo,” where he begs YouTube commenters to stop leaving comments labeling him a “homo” and to stop remixing his videos into parodies that make fun of him.

The glimpse of violent rage at the end of this clip? An all too uncomfortable sign of the sort of gut-wrenching tragedies this type of thinking can lead to. This boy needs someone to talk to — and not YouTube assholes.

This isn’t a kid we should make fun of. We don’t need to vilify him for his immature views on equal rights. He needs compassion and help, which we’d guess he isn’t receiving anywhere.