Our Heart Aches for This Self-Hating Little Boy on YouTube

Oh man is this sad. Little “ChristianU2uber” likes to upload videos to YouTube about Christianity. Some of his clips include “A religous [sic] video to shape your beliefs” and “ShamWoW! or SlapChop?” He’s sort of adorable, in the way all kids are at a certain age. And then comes the heartbreak, when he starts talking about gay marriage in the video above.

It’s not that he doesn’t like gay people. “I’m not saying you’re a bad person” if you’re gay, he says, but “god doesn’t like it.” Oh, and this: ChristianU2uber, who looks no older than eight, reveals he used to be gay, but now he’s not.

“At first I had no idea that it was a sin to get married if you’re gay but then I heard it on the news and, well, I figured it out and I used to be and then I decided it’s wrong and I stopped it and now I am very interested in girls. So gay marriage is wrong and you may think it’s right but really it’s wrong because if you can picture this, picture getting married to your hand … I know that’s a stupid example, but how abnormal does that sound? That’s exactly how abnormal that gay marriage is. It’s not a bad thing really, but it’s just not normal.”

Maybe all that self-hatred is why this boy also uploads videos called “stop calling me a homo,” where he begs YouTube commenters to stop leaving comments labeling him a “homo” and to stop remixing his videos into parodies that make fun of him.

The glimpse of violent rage at the end of this clip? An all too uncomfortable sign of the sort of gut-wrenching tragedies this type of thinking can lead to. This boy needs someone to talk to — and not YouTube assholes.

This isn’t a kid we should make fun of. We don’t need to vilify him for his immature views on equal rights. He needs compassion and help, which we’d guess he isn’t receiving anywhere.

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  • Aaron J.

    I’m sorry, but…LOL Seriously, that second video was too much. Do his parents even know wtf he’s doing?

  • Bertie

    The kid could disable comments section on his YOUTUBE page, no?
    – but clearly he is starving for attention and any possible fame. Sad. Poor brainwashed, lonely lil’ bastard.

    He says he is a Myley Cyrus and Fall Out Boy fan. How sweet.
    In my day it was Bette Midler and Diana Ross.

  • Cody

    Is that a Zac Effron poster behind him on his wall?

  • Alec

    Please take this down. This is a kid for Christ’s sakes. I doubt his parents are even aware he is making these videos. He’s what, 12?

    I realize that all journalistic standards are self-enforced, but there’s no story here, is there? Very disappointing.

  • TANK

    kay…lemme finish this chicken sammich first…nom nom nom nom… Alright, done. I’ve been flaming this kid for months now. Tracking his online activity, and making sure he pays for what he’s been saying by spraypainting fag on his parent’s car that he’s driven to school in, and spreading vicious rumors about him, etc. All that’s left is making him eat his parents.

    No, seriously, this is sad…kinda funny, but sad, too.

  • Wayne

    Bigot Baby! They raise em’ up young and hateful, now a days.

  • BradK

    “I used to be gay but now I like girls. A lot.”

    Man, I hope his parents have started a trust fund to pay for the lifetime of therapy this kid is gonna need. At least he isn’t wearing one of Phelp’s “God Hates Fags” shirts…yet.

  • adolf

    “picture if you could marry your hand”

    i already have, my hand has been my longest relationship to date, know what im say’n, know what im say’n….

  • Jason

    This is heartbreaking. I just hope the kid is able to get through the next few years without too much trouble.

    As sad as this is, I could not have said the sentence “I used to be gay…” at his age. He’s a bit more self-aware than most of us were at his age. He might be alright but man is he in a lonely spot right now.

  • getreal

    Note to homophobes God will gift you with gay children.

  • 7SnowyNights

    He has two dads.

  • Bruno

    I’m not even gonna watch this, but I have to agree…this doesn’t belong on the web, even if he put it there.

  • BradK

    @adolf: Have you bought it a ring yet?

  • Norman

    I have a godson his age. If I knew he was doing this — saying anything like this on Youtube — I’d be mortified. He’s a child. He has no idea what he’s saying or doing. After all these stories this week of kids killing themselves after being bullied for being perceived to be gay, I would hope we wouldn’t add to the vitriol this poor kid is already receiving.

  • afrolito

    Give the little moron a break…maybe he’s bi.

  • scott

    This is a joke, right? And he’s an incredibly gifted actor, no?

    If not. This is a perfect example of how homophobia is taught to innocents. And people aren’t born hating LGBT people.

    That poor kid will have these videos following him all thru high school. I just hope he goes to schools that don’t have mean-spirited, cliche ridden, mtv influence, media influence, bully-like kids. Does that exist?

  • jojoko

    i know! i already made a video response to him.

  • Smokey Martini

    And then there’s this video where he starts slapping himself. He obviously has issues he has to deal with. Self-hating indeed.

  • Hunt

    Oh, he is going to make the finals of RuPaul’s Drag Race one day–mark my words, and ah….don’t f&@k it up!

  • Alec

    To the (many) posters who continue to torment this KID, I’d ask you where you were at the ripe age of 8-12, and to reflect on that. I really wish Queerty would remove this. Actually, scratch that, it should stand as a testament to the depravity this blog sometimes indulges in.

    When I was young (and very confused) I said outrageous shit. Difference is, I didn’t have a youtube outlet. Whether this kid turns out to be gay or straight, it doesn’t excuse the abuse he’s racking up now.

    I’m disgusted by the responses here.

  • ChristopherM

    This is deeply disturbing, and if I knew where he was from, I would send this straight to his school administrators and child protective services because he is clearly in need of some major help. I feel sorry for him.

  • ChristopherM

    And P.S., I don’t think Queerty is under any obligation to remove the videos. They are relevant in that they are a video record of how little boys grow up to be gay bashers. I mean, they’re all over the web, it isn’t like Queerty is perpetuating anything. I think this is something from which we need to learn.

  • Clay

    where are his parents? that is tragic.

  • Alec

    @ChristopherM: You’re right. They were under an obligation to consider the “newsworthiness” of the initial post, and they failed. Now, as I stated before, it stands, as with the responses, as a testament to the shallow, reactionary responses we have become so accustomed to in blog world. CF

  • flyerfier

    I think this belongs on Queerty, but I don’t agree with bashing him. This has to be the saddest thing I’ve seen all week, the poor kid. Where are his parents? They need to talk with him, he needs help badly. The rage he shows in that second video is real, he’s a ticking time bomb.

    Whether he’s gay or not, he’s experiencing extreme homophobia at such an early age… from complete strangers hiding behind their computer screens. Think of what his inbox must look like. I really fear what this is doing to his head.

  • jojoko

    here is my video response to him.

    he hasn’t logged in a few days. his last video was not suicidal, but not a good sign. please watch.

  • scott

    @Alec: Ummm. While there are some comments poking fun at the whole situation, I don’t see anyone “tormenting” him. At least not here.

    In his school? Forget about it. He’s gonna get pummeled.

    Seriously, what do you consider “torment”. I was effin’ tormented in grade school and it was by being picked on and called homo, gay, etc. I don’t think anyone called him anything but possibly “homophobe”. Which he is unfortunately due to his parents, it seems.

    And in a way, this is a sociological example of parents influencing their kids in a bad way. As someone said before, we can see how this kid might grow up into the gay basher of tomorrow. What can we learn about this? What can we do about this?

  • scott

    @jojoko: That was nice of you Jo. Unfortunately, the cynic in me (native NY’er here) feels it was for naught. But again, really, really nice.

    And you responded fast too. You kids nowadays, so up on the technology. I bet you twitter too.

  • Alec

    @scott: Once you take into account the fact that youtube videos are shared by teenagers and even younger peers, I imagine this kid will be tormented. Also, come on, he IS a kid. Twelve at most. You might look at this as harmless now, but I wouldn’t want something I posted on youtube as a preteen following me around forever. Which is exactly what has happened here….and Queerty is indulging in it, to prove some ethereal point.

    Did he reveal his family situation? Are you certain his parents are responsible for his views? Or are you simply assuming? And no, I didn’t watch the video.

  • jojoko

    thing is, he should disable all comments. and he said somewhere that he is only twelve years old. i think that you need to be 13 to do anything on the internet, legally post things. but i just fear for this poor kid.

  • NewYorkness

    please…he’s not a homo… he’s just a lil’ diva.

  • Hunt

    @Alec: I completely understand where you are coming from Alec, and I’d not make any comment on Youtube, where he actively posts his videos. However, this blog we are currently on is a blog aimed at the GLBT community. There are so few places for so many of us to blow off a bit of steam and feel a sense of community support. The child likely does not visit this blog, and if he does he is seeking out the criticism levelled at him here.

    He has his place on Youtube, this is our place, a place to laugh, express anger, argue, solve the worlds problems, insult folks and apologize for our bad behavior.

    I think the boy is shaping up to be our future Larry Craig or Ted Haggard. The level of hate levelled at us everyday is appalling, and watching a video of a boy who has been so obviously indoctinated is infuriating. On Youtube, I did what I do so often in the world, which is to listen, feel aghast, and choose a more valid and fair battle, but damn if I’m going to visit Queerty, read about it, and feel constrained when I’m making a comment.

    Besides, in the Evangelical community, this boy has already reached the age of “responsibility,” if that is the case, then maybe he should know better than to make a public vido posting and expect to be free of criticism and meanness. In the last week we lost two kids to homophobic bullying in school, and when I wrote an essay regarding this on another site, several Christians wrote comments blaming me and the gay community for telling children that it is “okay” to be gay, and that they were in a war with us and there would be casualties. Frankly, here on Queerty, I don’t mind admitting that I hate bullying, but there is a small part of me that is satisfied to see the tables turned on a little evangelical kid who has decided that it is his place to tell me who I can and cannot marry, or tell his questioning classmates that they are sinful and condemned by God for contemplating homosexual yearnings.

    Can we not have one place where we, for once, don’t have to be politically correct all the time? Just one place?

  • scott

    @jojoko: is it easy to disable all comments? I would think that anyone would know how to do that.

    So maybe he’s doing it for attention.

    Either he’s a brilliant genius or a really eff’d up kid. Here he is smacking himself. Crazy.

  • Aaron J.

    Ok, I feel really bad for laughing at this kid because I just read about an 11 year old who killed himself because of anti-gay taunting. I know this kid is saying stupid shit, but still… I even went through and downrated a bunch of comments berating him. Ugh.

  • rogue dandelion

    wow- i can just imagine if all the stupid shit i thought and said when i was his age was immortalized forever on youtube-
    my childhood was hard enough.
    someone needs to take his computer away and delete his videos, this is just inappropriate in every sense.

  • Lucius Vorenus

    He is not faking it…It is for real. The boy needs help.

    I didn’t find it funny. These videos are very depressive.

  • Walsingham

    “7SnowyNights – He has two dads.”

    Wait, what?

  • Dan

    Are the commenters on here that unable to discern a joke? I know there aren’t a lot of parents here, but still, the kid is obviously goofing around. His demeanor is exaggerated and it beggars belief that he would do a video just to say over and over “stop calling me a homo.” It is a j-o-k-e. I guess you all are getting too old or too serious.

  • Homo N. Culus

    *giggle* What a homo!

  • 7SnowyNights

    @Dan: I’ve known kids that behave like that when they’re serious. It’s weird, yeah, and they sound like they’re exaggerating on purpose, but they’re not. They’re just whacked in the head.

  • bb

    I seriously doubt he’s gay. He’s not even old enough to be aware of his sexuality… how could he have already dispensed with and moved passed one? He probably had a close male friend, and his parents told him that was wrong, or he wasn’t intolerant yet, and — when he saw how intolerant people could be — he assumed that if he didn’t hate gays, he must be one. Sure, he could be gay, but at this point no one has any way of knowing, and the odds say he isn’t. Two of my best friends’ brothers claimed they were gay all the time when they were younger (thank god their parents embraced it). Now, though, they’re both total straight studs. They just really loved their male friends and thought that made them gay.

    Meanwhile, marrying my hand sounds like a pretty good idea…

  • jojoko

    the responses i saw for this kids on reddit were amazing. of course they are all atheist so they are just saying what an example this kid is, you could see it plainly on his face that he isn’t sure about all of this. he’s indoctrinated. they comment on how smart this kid is and he’s only twelve and they were like that.

    i see a bit of myself in this kid as well. that is why i was so compelled to make a response vid to his.

    then i go seach for comments on him on twitter. it reallly saddens me. how they think its so entertaining. i really figure he is sooo depressed. i want to reach out to him. he is in a terrible situation made worse by the internet and cyberbulling. i’m sure his schoolmates are watchin his videos. and i would be suicidal if i was him too.

  • Aphrodite

    Yeah the Zac Effron poster was a dead giveaway…

  • jojoko

    also i see drake and josh…

  • rickroberts

    Needs a good fuckin in the ass once he turns 18.

  • Raven

    This kid is seriously begging for attention. If you look to see which videos he is subscribing to you see Chris Crocker. That alone should be a sign of a disturbed mind.

  • FairGamer

    Wow. Normally I don’t bother posting rants on forums like these, but in response to all of the people who claim that this video is exploitative and shouldn’t be on Queerty, I offer this:

    Anyone…ANYONE on here who decides to suddenly have a bleeding heart for some narcissistic 12/yo who is foolish enough to vlog such things on YouTube (whether joking or not) really needs a reality check.

    The digital age affords no mercy to anyone willing to put themselves “out there” and subject themselves to ridicule from the narrow-minded trolls of the internet. Kids don’t get a free pass. If this kid were discussing his struggles, I might *MIGHT* be willing to feel some sort of pity. However, (and this goes for those who haven’t even WATCHED the damn thing) this boy is a parody of himself. He speaks with an obviously over-the-top and stereotypically “gay” attitude. 90% of his facial expressions originate from his lips alone. Again, whether serious or not, to say anyone other than himself is exploiting him is utterly absurd.

    If someone here truly feels disturbed by this harmless blog article, here’s what you do:
    Want to help the kid? Send him the number for the Trevor Helpline. Want to help all of the kids *supposedly* like him? Volunteer for the Trevor Helpline.

    If you are not willing to do either one of those things, then have a seat and shut your mouth. Life needs to go on and it doesn’t have time to wait for everyone to get adjusted.

  • getreal

    @FairGamer: I think since you can’t have empathy for this child you could at least have sympathy.

  • Jai

    There is a sick and twisted thing going around with younger people and making a “joke” out of things. Have you ever seen a kid actually act that way. He is acting that way as a joke. It is a very sad joke but it doesnt seem real to me at all. I saw a few videos similar to this where kids around the age of 10-13 were “pretending” to be gay, talking about gay marrage, and being very sterotypical. It is really hard to watch them make a joke about stuff like that and it really makes me wonder where are the parents while all of this is going on. Children obsorbe stuff they learn like sponges – this video is just a reminder of that.
    There HAS to be something that can be done to get these videos off of youtube. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that people can say whatever they want – but – these are children. There has to be some kind of law against this. Im still really shocked that children are allow to post stuff like this. I hope that when these childrens parents find out what is being posted that they act responsibly.
    The future, recorded on video, is a harsh one in some childrens eyes.

  • Jai

    I reread over some of the responses. I ask everyone to please go to the video i copied and FLAG it – FLAG is right under the video. This has gone just a little to far. Everyone needs to FLAG the video as innapropriate and the reason why. If need be write a message to the people who run youtube. This child needs help.

    FLAG the video

  • FairGamer


    While I honestly cannot say that I condone enforcing this type of behavior with sympathy, I can say that I do sympathize with what this child represents: a generation of confused youths with an overwhelming false sense of entitlement. All their ravings are equal to one word: petulant.

    My regret on these forums is that you cannot accurately convey tone via text. So what I am about to say may sound like I’m being a dick, I am not. I am being sincere: I think you’ve confused my post.

    I am not speaking out directly against this child. I am speaking out against those that would declare him an innocent and blame Queerty for feeding some sort of internet witch hunt on impressionable youths. This child, and all the others like him, know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they post these videos online. Who doesn’t feel the need to fit in at school in your tween years? Now, multiply that school population by 100 and you have a SAMPLING of the online community. If he wouldn’t stand on the lunch table at school and spout this dribble, what makes him think for one second that the internet would be any more forgiving than the cafeteria?

    Let’s entertain the idea that he is sincerely a confused gay youth. Would I feel sympathy for him? Yes, I absolutely would. Us homos cannot simply breed ourselves, so LGBT youth is it. They are our future, and any and all of them that I see in pain, confusion and otherwise general disarray, I feel it. I remember being that age and hiding everything that I was. I was never confused and I come from a very secular household, so my pain came from admitting to myself what I was (since the age of 5, mind you).

    Again, my original point is not that this situation isn’t potentially serious, it is that Queerty, as a blogsite, is not responsible for this child. He became “Fair Game” when he signed up on YouTube and began posting videos about his life. Whatever happened to the private journal/diary? Now everyone’s deepest issues are on public blast for all to hear and weigh in on. The internet is not the comfy couch and YouTube certainly isn’t a psychologist. However, with more people tuning in to vote for American Idol contestants than our presidency, I can see how youths can become just a hair misguided.

  • WetWaffleSlag

    The ZF poster was a giveaway? It’s apparent mental ilness and self-hate isn’t an elusive thing, ergo:
    Let’s all diss the 12 year old.
    What the hell. What the HELL?

    @Jai: Agreed.



    What is WRONG with you?

    I always thought this site was a amusing little slice of fluff until this.

    You can snarkily report on the glitterati and give your vapid vaporings on the latest suicides of kids being called “faggot” then DIRECT TRAFFIC to a sexually conflicted, self-hating kid?

    Does anyone else see the dissonance in that? Crickets?

    The divine is the dead and the amusing are the fools.
    By all means, come out of your rapt trance.

    Amazing. A-Mazing.
    This self-same tone-deaf self-hatred (but, to be sure, with the stagnant whiff of righteousness that can only come with having a website entirely cloned from the sparkling rhinestone that is Jossip) in “reporting” I had hoped reached the apex of tastelessness when your “Editorial Director” could only slimly conceal how thrilled he was that Imus had Cancer.

    Cue the polyurethane smiles all around for stringing words together that halfway echo a cogent thought. Well played.

    You SUCK and you are a goddamn embarrassment to the whole of the gay community.

    If you even for a second believe you represent anything other than the trite millimeter deep depth of drek like Perez Hilton, you make me want to weep in shame for the gay community.

  • bbg372

    The boy in question needs to be treated more compassionately. He also needs more stringent parental supervision, and to learn personal responsibility.

  • getreal

    @FairGamer: I’m less concerned with what this child represents than with the quality of this child’s life. This is not an adult this is a twelve year old clearly being taught some pretty reprehensible and when we look at the gay youth suicide rates DANGEROUS ideas. I almost envy people like you who can watch a video of a confused child clearly in trouble and think of symbolism I can only feel sad for him and and feel powerless to protect him. I’m not trying to insult you but a little more humanity would not be out of line.

  • tarxien

    This an incredibly disturbed child, I doubt he is 12 yet. I hope he does not have access to guns.
    I have flagged some of his vidoes on YouTube as inappropriate – it is irresponsible for them to be available. I hope YouTube will remove them if enough people flag them.

  • PatrickD

    Personally, I’m tired of the whining folks do in support of these little bastards. They Steal, Kill, Poison and blow things up but because they haven’t produced Pubes they’re “Innocent”. No they’re not. They Know what they’re doing and should be held Accountable….
    Maybe each of our Smurfs here should have one of these little bastards harm someone they Love so they can let them off scott-free in support of their Political Beleifs….
    PT Duffy

  • Woof

    @jojoko: Nicely done and well said.

  • Hannah

    A couple people have mentioned that he is faking and using stereotypically gay characteristics. Which ones would those be? The stuttering or the lack of direct eye contact with the camera? Perhaps the unconfident way he speaks his point?

    This kid needs to have a sit down with an adult and have a conversation. Videoblogging on Youtube where he gets shit comments that frustrate him is not good for his well-being.

    Not that I can tell for sure from three whole minutes of video, but he could have an emotional/behavioral disorder and a speech impediment. He sure isn’t the popular kid at school, and probably gets picked on there too, without Youtube’s help.

    I’m glad to see so many supportive posts, though.

  • scott ny'er (formely scott)

    @Alec: Whoops. Missed your reply. I still don’t see how the Queerty posters are “tormenting” this kid. Queerty may be somewhat responsible for viral posting this and maybe on youtube others are tormenting him but I don’t see it here (maybe a few posts but not really tormenting).

    And yep. I assumed that his parents influenced him. It could have been media, or some other adult or kid. But kids don’t get these ideas out of nowhere.

    And really, you should watch the video first. It does help to clarify things. Again, if he’s not joking around (and IMHO, I don’t think he is but I’ve been fooled before), then he’s got some major problems.

  • lessthan

    Flagged it as inappropriate.

  • Tara

    This is really the saddest thing I have seen in a while. This kid needs some serious love. I am so annoyed with this idea that because he says something publicly he can be utterly destroyed for it. I usually support Anon 100% I believe in the freedom of the internet but it can be disgusting and in this case it is. He is a child. As a child he speaks like a child, someday if he lives, he will put away childish things. Until then he is beautiful and special and should be loved by all, he is a goddamn kid.

  • hardmannyc

    Hey, this kid might as well learn early: On the net, if you’re going to put something controversial out there, you’d better expect some nasty comments.

    Like this one: the camera adds 10 pounds.

  • Another Michael W

    I am more concerned with his ref to being married to one’s hand which, in fact, I am. I take exception with this as me and my hand make sweet, sweet love more than twice a day, each and every day.

  • FairGamer


    Quality of life aside, this child still represents a greater and growing issue in the world today. Whatever his personal circumstances may be, he is not helping himself at all by publicizing them.

    Now, I know you are not trying to insult me, but by saying “I almost envy people like you” and questioning my humanity by effectively calling me apathetic is a little much. I understand where you’re coming from, as I haven’t exactly been the most compassionate person in this thread, however I am not apathetic and I do have humanity.

    However, in this particular case, I am not discussing the negative attention this boy is attracting to himself (I’ve already established how I feel on that), I am discussing what responsibility Queerty has on this issue. And that is none.

    People can flag this video as inappropriate and maybe YouTube will take it down. Will that change this kid’s life? Not one bit. He, apparently, needs help beyond what anyone here is ready and willing to give.

  • jojoko

    @fairgamer i would vollunteer for the trevor helpline if i could, seeing as neither the east or west coast call center is near me, i can’t. giving him that number is a great idea and i will.

    also, i do vollunteer for the billy defrank center in san jose california.

  • Mark in Indiana

    Screw this head mess kid…he’s just one of the inheritors of the assholes who made my young life a living fucking hell. Pay it forward; I’m not into the Christianist crap where they get to fuck with me all day long and I’m supposed to turn the other cheek…I don’t care what age those buttmunchers are…

  • TANK

    That’s right. Taze this little bastard in front of his parents.

  • FairGamer


    That’s all we can really ask at this point JoJo. I saw your video response and I’m glad you put that up. I also found this interesting one:

    There are a flurry of video responses, both good and bad, to this kid’s postings. It’s a HIGHLY volatile situation that will send emotions into overtime and create alliances and enemies.

    One thing that I’d consider harmless under any other circumstance seemed to send up a red flag in this particular situation. This is a direct quote from his profile page on YouTube:

    “I Also Love To Play Games Like: Second Life, Vietcong and Hitman. A Couple Of Those Three Games Are Violent, But It Is Good To Just Let Out That Violent Feeling Deep Inside.”

    Now, I work in the video games industry and I am a HUGE proponent of “violent games DO NOT equal violent behavior”. However, my caveat to that is it depends on the individual, and in this case, the individual is not exactly the model for well-adjusted youth.

  • Jojo

    I like the video you posted… that kid has more integrity than most people twice his age.

    I hope the kid gets help, but I also hope Queerty expands this into a discussion about homophobic youths like this kid because we all know he’s not the only one.

    It might be a bit insensitive to post his video because at the very least it feels to me like posted as a freak show, but in the context of what so many kids like him are going through it’s highly relevant.

    if we can find out how to help them I think we’d be seeing much of the political opposition and homophobia in America disappear

  • Vincent

    Man I fucking hate everyone telling people to stop calling him a homo. What makes all of you think they are going to listen anyway?
    “Oh this persons right, I shouldn’t be calling him a homo.” HA I DON’T THINK SO! News flash people once /b/ sets its mind on destroying, mocking, and completely humiliating something, they do it. Its not stoppable no matter how much bitchin gets done about it. Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for the kid but he shouldn’t have been on their to begin with. The internet is compromised of 2/3 assholes and nobody can do anything about it.

    p.s. It doesn’t matter anyway his account got hacked.

  • hardmannyc

    “It’s a HIGHLY volatile situation that will send emotions into overtime and create alliances and enemies.”

    No it’s not. It’s just more YouTube incestuous insider-baseball bullshit.

  • PatrickD

    @Tara: Yah, and “Goddam kids” kill too. Personally, considering the kind of stuff that happened to my generation and before just being different, I find the hurt feelings because “someone said a bad word” kind of “whiney”. Most of us lost teeth, glasses,had bones broken, had stitches and that was from family! Those that went through Puberty after the 60’s have been Blessed because what was STANDARD for us is now no longer so.
    Besides, someone’s Personality is pretty much set by 7. This kid IS what he IS. He’s no different than a neighbor kid that always threatens to Accuse me or my Partner of Child Molesting when I stop him smashing things on my property. The last time I told him it’s not his ass that’s in danger from us but his Dad’s….

  • Cee

    i thought the first video was cute. it shows exactly how easil influenced children are. his stance on being gay and the whole gay marriage issue was based on the news….lol the second video, not so cute. he needs help. where are his parents?

  • getreal

    @FairGamer: I appreciate your calm measured response that being said we are talking about a 12 year old child not a concept. I don’t think that you or I can underestimate the power of sympathy or empathy in this troubled boys life. The statistics prove that anti-gay rhetoric in the home is causing children to kill themselves. So when a 12 year old posts videos that he “used” to be gay but found out it was sinful and decided to like girls, a lot that is a potential cry for help. Not a symbol, or a metaphor but a potential cry for help. Not to discount any of your points but first and foremost if a child is being programmed to hate himself he should have a safe spaces whether on the internet or in person to be told” You are exactly who you are meant to be, you are as God made you being gay is not a sin”

  • Brianna


    “He’s not even old enough to be aware of his sexuality”

    That is ridiculous. Kids can and do realize the gender of the people they crush out on. Call it self-awareness. I came out to select people at his age as many other gays have – and they’re still gay. I mean this isn’t even an argument. He’s obviously somewhat aware of his sexuality to be posting about topics like this.

  • Brianna


    Oops, forum speak. posting about topics = submitting videos, I guess.

  • shira

    Somebody needs to report this to CPS or DCFS or something. I’d be willing to bet money that his parents have no idea what’s going on. Combine that with the video of him punching and slapping himself in the face, his anger outburst, and the fact that in his profile he says it’s nice to let out the violence that’s deep inside… and I’m saying this is not going to end well.

  • FairGamer


    You will only see calm and measured responses from me. Even if someone upsets me, there is no reason to lose your temper and eloquence. Can’t burn someone with virtual flames now can we? Besides that, you haven’t upset me. So I also appreciate your calm responses.

    However, I think now we are going around in circles. I am not disagreeing with your points, the child needs help, compassion, sympathy (if this is all real) and every child needs a safe environment.

    My original point, way back in position No. 49 was this:

    “Wow. Normally I don’t bother posting rants on forums like these, but in response to all of the people who claim that this video is exploitative and shouldn’t be on Queerty, I offer this:”

    I am not trying to counter your arguments. What you are arguing is the well-being of this child, and I commend that; he needs help. What I am arguing, what I have been arguing, is that Queerty should not be held responsible in posting this video. Simple as that. This is a blogsite, which at this day & age hold more weight than a news service. If someone wouldn’t attack CNN for posting this, why attack a blogsite (who don’t have to adhere to any social mores)?

    So that is where I am coming from. If this video is real, I hope he makes it out okay. However, real or not, this video is on the internet. It is now the proverbial piss in a swimming pool; only way to get rid of it is to drain the pool.

  • dylankrolick

    HIS ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED!.he will NEVER be on youtube again

    yeah.its pretty sad.christianU2b3r , christianU2uber2 and others are imposters. the origanal was so mad that he closed his account and isnt coming back.even though i pm’ed him to make a new channel under a diferant username. i guess its my falt that we might never find his new channel (if he has one).so im going to the videos and spreding the word of these imposters. :( seriously

  • TheDrunkenLiberal

    I’m not sure if anyone posted this information yet, just want to add it so everyone has a clearer picture of what’s going on.

    I got redirected to this page through Encylopaedia Dramatica. It’s kind of like a lowbrow gossip-mongering anyonymous trashtalking website (though hilarious and shamefully amusing in small doses) full of memes, internet gossip and blather. But, it’s run by an extrodinarily smart bunch of folks.

    A few of the things that may be more familiar to folks reading the regular site may be the Grawp (think: HAGGER????)/Urban Rose wikipedia fiasco, the Argent009 YouTube street debacle, things like this. For those of us who aren’t -really- connected digitally, the proportions to which these events and conflicts can grow boggles the mind. Cross the morals and saliency of TMZ with a bunch of anonymous script kiddies who enjoy ‘doxxing’ people (obtaining personal information of their targets then using it to harass them in real life)and things can get rather ugly.

    They mostly use their powers (and it has to be said, a good deal of the time, their idiocy) for good, but their goal is basically just laughs. Sometimes it results in stuff like this.

    What this kid is going through quite possibly escalated far beyond a few people calling him a ‘homo’ in comments on some video and making a few re-mixes. He probably had his MySpace, FaceBook, LJ, any of his other online personal spaces penetrated, abused and harassed. Quite possibly including things like telephone calls to his house, or letters.

    The writer of this article probably found out about the situation through one of these contacts; the ‘lulz’ of the incident are what made it a story in the first place. Just wanted to give a bit extra perspective for folks who might not realize the depth to which this kid’s life has been messed with.

    That being said, watching the kid makes me very sad. He’s obviously been stuffed with piffle, and the conflict between what he ‘knows’ (read: been told) and what he ‘thinks’ (read: his own mind frantically trying to fire up and get going) has grown too great, and the cognitive dissonance he’s under must be agonizing. Look at the way he will just stop for a second, blink widly, and twitch a bit. He gets so filled with rage he is literally turning off for a second or two.

    On the bright side, maybe the kid will pull through. The fact that he’s worried about things and TRYING to think is pretty clear. If he can just get a little help, I think he might be able to break out of the bullshit he’s been told about God, Gays, Government, or whatever else he’s on about. Most of the people who are really brainwashed into this crap don’t even bother to get upset or reflect at all.

    Sorry for being longwinded, just wanted to add that first bit of information really. Congratulations folks on getting Maine on the bandwagon as of today also. So happy for you all that you’re one step closer to being legally equal. After that, we can work together to get peoples’ minds caught up to the law. Proud to be a straight man fighting along with you all on these issues.


    The Drunken Liberal

  • TheDrunkenLiberal


    P.S. – I’ve been a contributor for many years to most of the prominent librul blogs that are currently destroying America.

    I made a half assed attempt to start my own around of June last year which petered out, but now it’s just getting too ridiculous for me to make the rounds I’ve been making each and every day, so I’ve gotta consolidate.

    So I’m giving it another whirl here, shamless plug, visit if you’re bored. Be my first reader on my own site, heh.

    I stand by my claim that my thought is (at times) so sharp and insightful that it can cut even a Dick Armey down to size in 0.72 seconds.


  • person

    lol he must be so depressed

  • Anonymous

    Angry Homo Kid will fell the full force of 4chan and Anonymous!

  • bob

    dare i say…homo?

  • Cody

    People on YouTube piss me off.There’s nobody on YouTube that’s showing any sort of compassion towards this kid,they all just call him “homo”.It makes me so frickin angry,this kid obviously is a little kid,and adults are bagging on him like immature ass-wipes.I,for one,defended the kid from those YouTube users but seemingly to no evail.

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