Behind Enemy Lines

Out Fox News Commentator Thinks Gays Should Ease Up On People Against Marriage Equality

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In a panel discussion at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), out Fox News contributor Guy Benson participated in a debate about gay marriage, and his remarks about the “so-called open-minded” supporters of same-sex marriage will definitely ruffle a few feathers.

In his remarks, Benson takes aim at the gay rights “heretics” he thinks are too intense when it comes to shouting down antigay discrimination and those who don’t believe in marriage equality.

He said that activists on the left:

“are hounding heretics ruthlessly from their midst to the point that if you’re a Democrat, if you’re a liberal and you might hold traditional views on marriage, you probably don’t want to talk about it very much for fear of the wrath and judgment of your fellow so-called open-minded leftists.”

We’re not going to say we’re with him, but it’s certainly unfair to frame his remarks as saying that gays “should be more tolerant of discrimination.”

Whether you agree or not, it’s not exactly a bad thing to have an out gay man in support of marriage equality calmly debate the issue face to face with people who aren’t on board.

Watch below — the good stuff starts at around 8:00 and picks up again at 12:35 — and make the decision for yourself: is Benson an advocate that we need in a party that needs to be pushed past their homophobia, or a misguided gay wasting his breath on people who will never get it?