‘Out’ Gets Trans

The kids over at Out get in touch with their trans side this month.

Guest editor T Cooper what seems to be a pretty well-rounded, informative and poppy issue. This display – adorned by David Armstrong shot Tilda Swinton cover – ain’t a sing-song calls for activism, but a closer look at the trans subculture’s ins, outs and in-betweens. (See a larger version of the cover at the end of this post.)

Cooper did well with the magazine’s trans-limited, admittedly “clumsy” staffers. For example, they’ve of ten “essential” trans titles, while Candis Cayne talks about trans life in the spotlight and Cooper himself takes a look at NYC’s trans fags, including a boy whose biological origins got him booted from popular hook-up site, Adam4Adam.

Read the cold rejection letter:

The reason is because your profile says ‘I was born a girl’ and ‘with all my original girly parts,’ and your photos show depicts [sic] female private parts, so based on that our profile approval team concluded that you’re not a man…


The Ruins actor Jonathan Tucker looks all sorts of trans man in his Yu Tsai shoot. In fact, we thought he was a trans man, but then realized he is, in fact, a biological and self-identified male. Meanwhile, homo-journo Mark Simpson again stretches vernacular boundaries with another new term, “transexy,” which transgresses gender, unlike androgyny, which mixes gendered characteristics. Or something. We can’t keep this shit straight!

Sure, some people will have problems with Out‘s offering – “Tilda’s not a trans!!” – but it’s pretty astounding that a relatively mainstream, relatively male-centric magazine would dedicate itself to trans happenings. As Cooper says in his guest editor’s letter:

By no means is [this issue] all-inclusive of the wonderful things that are happening in the transgendered community… This issue is meant to be a celebration of trans lives and culture – not an argument for inclusion or importance… but rather one small step toward raising awareness around gender in the larger, dare I say, mainstream gay community.

And those of you who don’t like it can just enjoy the underwear ads!