Out Of The Country

Sagrada Familia

The 2005 Gay.com Travel Awards are now being served on the internet as food for thought for your vacationing plans. The editors do us the favor of singling out the least gay-friendly destinations in the world; if you had thought to travel to Alabama or Zimbabwe, think again. That Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe has called us homos “lower than dogs and pigs” just goes to show the distance he stands from Western culture which reveres and loves Snoopy and Babe.

The Destination of the Year Award goes to Spain, where the Inquisition is officially over. The stray Catholic prelate might still attempt to take the effervescence out of your personality, but given the excellence of many Spanish sparkling wines, you can just splash a fluteful down his vestments and tell him “A cada cual lo suyo, padre!” (Each to his own, father).

While the entries under the individual award categories . . . Top 5 Gay Resort Towns, Women’s Awards, Events/Organizers of the Year . . . are on the minimalist side, that could be an asset if you are just beginning to formulate ideas regarding where you’d like to travel. In keeping with the spirit of these awards, Queerty wishes you a buen viaje.