Out Owner Not About Obama

The Democratic Party hopes to project a united front at their convention in Denver, which begins today. Not all Democrats, however, are backing the presumptive nominee, Barack Obama.

Gay media honcho Paul Colichman, a former Hillary Clinton backer who owns Regent Entertainment, Out and The Advocate, tells Page Six that he’s so disappointed with Obama’s gay marriage stance that he refuses to shell out the dough for the Senator’s campaign:

[Colichman] said he finally dealt with his disappointment over Clinton’s defeat last week and came around to Obama.

“I thought, ‘Get over yourself!’ I had literally written out a check to the Obama campaign. And then I saw him in front of an evangelical group in Anaheim,” he said.

Before Rick Warren at the Saddleback Civil Forum, both Obama and McCain defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

“I thought, ‘Wow! He just threw the gay community under the bus,’” Colichman said. “My partner looked over at me, and we tore up the check.”

“If we always vote for the lesser of two evils, if we accept their crumbs and platitudes, if we write checks to candidates who don’t stand up for us, aren’t we being self-destructive?” he argues.

Colichman forgets, of course, that Clinton also defines marriage should be between a man and a woman. She and Obama both back civil unions.

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  • Just Biden Time

    Why would you give any money to any politician. Give to charity. Politicians are scum.

  • crazylove

    The level of cognitive dissonance of former Clinton supporters is increasely becoming bizzare. It’s all feelings, not reality. It’s pretty scary actually what people are able to believe. You are right, of course, that there is no difference policy-wise between CLinton and Obama. But, that’s not what this is about. this is about faith based analysis of the left. I do belieeve you see that amongst too many fellow Obama supporters too. You certainly see that with the right in a large degree. It’s just a fucked up way to view politics. It allows our politicians to fuck with us in ways they couldn’t if we were more prone not to annoint them.

  • James

    It is strange how some Clinton supporters don’t hold her to the same standard when it comes to same-sex marriage.

  • ChristopherM

    So Colichman is not supporting Obama for something that his preferred candidate also does? I guess we don’t need to wonder why The Advocate is a tanking business.

  • CitizenGeek

    Paul Colichman, to be frank, is a complete and utter idiot. Hillary Clinton also defined marriage as a man and women. What part of that does he not understand. Like I said: idiot.

  • Woof

    That is the gayest picture ever.

  • spunkbox

    besides, heretv! (they need that exclamation point) sucks sweaty ass. terrible.

  • forbesfart

    “Out” owner Paul Colichman sits this one out.I don’t agreewith him but I understand his being offended by Obama and Rick Warren, religous zealots.I felt the same drop in my stomach at the’saddleback jesus fest, what however it comes down to ONE seat on the supreme court. Do we want MCSame’s pick or Obama’s?

    Send the check anyway and order a t-shirt, Paul Colichman should realize we need hate crime protections and other protections on the front-lines of equality and fairness for all people and families, that reside in all of America just not his living room sofa…

  • Darth Paul

    He’s a douchebag to pin his support exclusively on gay marriage. Sullen, stingy, uppity, privileged queen…

  • GoodBuddy

    Hopefully they will send their check to support the California No on 8 effort. This is a more important vote than the presidential election.

  • John

    I will be cancelling my subscription to the Advocate and Out then . Hillary wasn’t for same-sex – marriage either .

  • Mr C


    Obama is Black and he doesn’t want to say that. They don’t ever want the REAL WORLD to know these type of issues in our Same loving community!

    And you guys are right. Hillary Backs the same things. There is only 2 differences between them

    Their Healthcare Plans
    And he’s Black, or rather Bi-racial and she’s White.

    Just call a spade a spade.

  • tropSpice

    Thanks for the info on this idiot.
    There goes my subscription to Out .. I am canceling NOW!


    “that Clinton also defines marriage should be between a man and a woman. She and Obama both back civil unions.”

    Obama is the affirmative action candidate not Hillary. She is not the Democratic nominee thanks to your underhanded tactics and thievery.

    “It’s been a matter of state law. That has been our tradition.” -OBAMA

    So has been slavery and Jim crow.

    “I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage, but I do believe in civil unions.”-OBAMA

    Looks to me like “crumbs and platitudes”.
    Which Obama are we going to see come up Thursday
    we know what we are getting with John Sidney McCain and as from what I have seen from Obama he will be no better if not worst than Bill(yes William Jefferson) and we know what we got from him. And looking back at these past eight years
    I have seen far more progress on GLBT issues then under the DOMA and DADT birth years.
    This “Sullen, stingy, uppity, privileged queen…”
    will be subscribing today to the The Advocate and Out magazine.

    And No. 10 · GoodBuddy,
    That’s a great idea if we need to spend our money somewhere is most definitively in
    CA concerning that initiative, hopeless as it may seem because of the Obama effect on certain sections of the population.

  • Gianpiero

    The “under the bus” metaphor is overused, non-productive–and the same thing that Clinton opponents say about Bill’s own actions during his presidency. This guy needs to give it a rest. What a jerk.

  • Charley

    I am still for Obama, but Saddleback set his campaign back. Polls are now dead heat. I watched a black pastor with a pink tie on “Morning Joe”, and he agreed that it was a mistake to go before McCain’s evangelicals and talk about marriage and abortion.

  • Joel

    Actually there is a big difference between Obamam’s stance and Hillary’s. He has committed to repealing both parts of the Defese of Marriage Act. But she only ever committed to repealing half.

  • Jack Jett

    I gotta say that he is pretty right on with this.
    For us Hillary supporters who felt that we in the GLBTQ community threw HER under the bus after years of support, the switch to Obama has been tougher than expected. Everyday, the Hillary & Bill Clinton predictions about Obama become a bit clearer.
    Whoever suggested that Obama appear before a room of homopbobic and bigoted evangelicals should be fired. The fact that Obama agreed to it is pathetic. The fact that he fucked up so bad in it….is the very reason he is down in the polls.

    If he continues to hang out with Jesus freak, right wingers, and war mongers, I will have to vote for him while holding my nose.

    Do you think that McCain’s staff would allow him to go to a “debate” in front of a room of liberals?

  • James


    You crazy.


  • Jamie

    Wait . . . isn’t that Jockser the Mighty in that pic?

  • Woof

    ^^ Wow rare Xena Warrior Princess reference.

  • JH

    Look, there are some policies of Obama’s that I don’t completely agree with, but anyone who’s going to be a single-issue is an idiot. Even a single-gay-issue like this is ludicrous. McCain is against making us equal citizens — allowing gay partners to adopt, against civil protections, against employment non-discrimination. Though Colichman hasn’t pulled his voting support from Obama, he should think outside his own personal offense and realize that to get someone in the White House who’s willing to look out for some of our interests, they need contributions, especially from people who can afford to give.

  • Alacer

    ” Colichman forgets, of course, that Clinton also defines marriage should be between a man and a woman. She and Obama both back civil unions.”

    Is that your justification for why I should give Obama my support? I voted for Clinton in the primary because I viewed her as the lesser of two evils (not by much, mind you), and I’ll vote for Obama for the same reason. But the hypocrisy seen by Obama (and Clinton when she was in the running) disgusts me. How dare you release a statement of celebration and excitement when California moves to allow gay marriage when only days before you said you don’t support equal marriage rights for everyone. Such pandering is so visibly desperate that it makes me not want to vote. And so…

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”
    -John Quincy Adams

  • Charley

    Obama has a terrific campaign organization with Plan A, Plan B. That’s why he won. Hillary didn’t assuming she would win, hired her campaign managers on loyalty, not on qualifications. Most were inept friends and had never been in a Presidential campaign before.

  • Michael J

    The blind allegiance of some Clinton supporters, like Colichman, to their candidate is truly disturbing — it’s cult-like. But to be fair, some Obama supporters have demonstrated their own cult-like behavior, and I have no doubt that had Clinton come out ahead, there would be a few calling not to support the Democratic nominee.
    Until Iowa, Clinton’s nomination was presumed to be inevitable, and perhaps that is why some of them are having such a hard time accepting her loss. Clinton lost because she invested less in groundwork and more in highly paid consultants, whose lack of knowlege about and planning for the caucus states indicates how little they are really worth, not “underhanded tactics and thievery” (Churchhill-y $14). And she lost because many were disappointed by the legacy of her husband’s terms in office, her own political cowardness, and her campaign’s own underhanded tactics (e.g., wanting delegates from the MI contest after saying the votes wouldn’t be legitimate).
    And do “gay honchos” really believe most people listen to them and aren’t going to think for themselves?


    You’re right Charley,

    James Meeks, Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary,
    his stances on gay issues, Saddleback,
    Yesterday’s spectacle:


    by this man:


    his silence on the homophobic scumbag that is Leah Daughtry and the non-gay inclusive stances of Donna Brazile. Yes he does have a “terrific campaign organization with Plan A, Plan B” all bad for Gay people.

  • Jorge

    I voted for Obama in the primaries, but his actions since the Spring have not impressed me. Mr. Change has become a typical politician. I don’t know what I get with him. I know what I get with McCain.

  • jake

    i’m sick and tired of the doomsday gays who trumpet how terrible our lives will be if obama doesn’t win. I have been out for 17 years and honestly my life hasn’t changed whether a republican is in office or a democrat. do you really think we are going to be rounded up and thrown in camps? come on! stop being so dramatic. the social change has already begun due to younger generations accepting GLBT people. Under Bush there has been more discussion of gay rights than under our “friends” the clintons. we have made more gains under Bush than we did under the Clintons. Stop making it about Republicans mean bad and Democrats mean good. It isn’t that simplw.

  • dd_in_sf

    Mr. Colichman has every right to support whomever he wishes. I thought Obama’s showing up at that religious thing was a bit scary — why humor the religious right? Bill & Hillary, say what you will, know from their home state that it gets you nowhere.

  • Jack E. Jett

    Churchhill…are you saying that Donna Brazille
    is against gay marriage? I always thought she was the ultimate lezbionic woman.

  • rjp3

    Thanks for the profile on this small minded idiot that now owns The Advocate — I am cancelling my subscription.

    Obama 2008

  • rjp3

    Hey Jake – you are a fool

    17 Years Out — and for most of those years you COULD have been arrested in the privacy of your own home for gay sexual relations.

    Do you realize WHY that case went before the Supreme Court ?

    Do you think a majority still exists – or will exist after McCain to keep Homosexuality (SODOMY) decriminalized in America?

    In your 17 years out – I was LEGALLY MARRIED in Massachusetts – due to DEMOCRATS in office.

  • Jack Jett


    Evidently she suffers from the Clay Aiken Syndrome.

  • Cam

    Hell, Bill and Hillary put their own self interest above millions of people by supporting DOMa and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. As far as I’m concerned, we got a taste of what the Clintons think of gay rights under her husband. I’m going to be cancelling my OUT subscription. It’s not that I think Obama is the best candidate for gays in the world. it’s that at a minimum I don’t see a difference between what he is saying and Hillary AND he doesn’t have a history of supporting anti-gay legislation like DOMA which Hillary does.

  • josh

    what an idiot for taking such a polarizing vocal position when the CEO of a gay company…most of your customers are gay, most democrats, most supporting obama… may as well just give money to mccain a la the founder of manhunt!

    and what is this doing in page six anyway? slow gossip day? if anything, page six should be commenting on colickman’s horrible hair plugs, not his idiotic political statements.

  • Al


    Stupid Clinton fanatics like this that refuse to vote for Obama might cause him to loose the election.

    Yeah, Obama defines marriage as “between a man and a woman.” So does Hillary. Obama also does not support a constitutional ban on same sex marriage and promotes gay rights.

    Know the facts on Obama’s LGBT rights issues —


  • jake

    RJP3…I could be arrested in my home for sodomy???!! I’m scared. how many people do you know that have been arrested for sodomy? How many people do you know who have received speeding tickets?? Just because a law is on the book doesn’t mean it is enforced. Do you know how many cities across this country have outdated laws stating that it is illegal to spit on a sidewalk? i don’t think our prisons are filled with spitters and for that matter people who swallow won’t be put behind bars either. it is just more gloom doom rhetoric that if a republican wins the sky is going to fall. Chicken Little it didn’t fall and it won’t.

  • Kaitlin

    Thank you Mr.Colichman. Rest assured that you will see more subscribers to your magazines than otherwise. My wife and I most certainly plan to renew our existing one.

    The “under the bus” metaphor is more than appropriate for his everyday political changes.
    He’s hypocrisy is clear to anyone who follows the news. He’s snub of Hillary and not even taking her into consideration did it for me. I’m not following in line such a pied piper and like the saying goes what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, if I and my now wife thanks to a Republican majority Supreme court are not worthy in his eyes of being in the same level as any other couple then screw him. I’m not voting for a party’s name if the Democrats are now going to behave just like the same people they have criticized and use the slogan of change and not old Washington politics then don’t count with my vote.

  • Cyndy

    What I don’t understand about my community is how we want to be accepted, but we aren’t willing to accept others. Who cares if someone votes Republican? Who cares if they vote Democrat? It is that person’s individual choice. Some of you people on here are more frightening than political parties spewing anger and hate. Grow up. We are free to sleep with whoever we want and vote for whoever we want.

  • Sam

    My problem with the Democrats is that they are happy to be called Liberal when it suits them. They really aren’t all that Liberal. If they were truly liberal then GLBT-ers would have equal rights. Dems play a game time and time again seducing the gays, but then doing nothing for us. I’m not Republican, but I find it refreshing that they are honest about GLBT issues and where they stand. I respect honesty, but I can’t deal with the lies from the Dems.

  • boytroy

    Its his money to do with what he pleases. There is more than just gay marriage and the 2 candidates having the same opinion on it, there was also FISA which Obama voted for and Clinton did not. California is not happening because of either party. It is happening because a politician decided to do what he thought was right and marry people in the city he was mayor of. For those of you that criticize those who demand more than crumbs from their candidates should realize thats exactly what you are going to get, crumbs. McCain will starve us, Obama will just keep us hungry. Hopefully one day we will get leadership that is willing to stand for what is right and not posture his or herself politically just to get the office. We can give Obama a chance, demand that he give us more than he is offering and if he does not give us more than crumbs show him and his party that there is not going to be a next time. At some point we have stand up
    and demand what is ours.

  • Bill Cunningham

    Have you ever seen anything CoC0 Leachman and here! has produced? He is disliked by his staff.
    Using Mom’s money and wasting it

  • Troy Smythe

    If we have generations of a conservative supreme court because of a McCain win, we’ll have people like Colichman to thank for it.

    BTW, I can smell Republican trolls all over these comments. And it stinks.

  • Alexa

    It could be Republicans, but I think it’s mostly batshit crazy Hillary fans who can’t get over the fact she lost. And racists like Churchilly. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the influx of new posters were all the same person using different names. Maybe once she releases her delegates they’ll finally accept it’s over.

  • mark

    Paul tuck your check book back in your purse…and you get a BIG “SHUT THE F*CK UP for 4 years.”

    as a subcriber to Out and Advocate….don’t p*ss me off

  • mark

    btw…. Paul I looked up “snarky” in the dictionary, and there was the same picture of you

  • Mark in Indiana

    Obama “adjusted” his position on off-shore drilling, tax policy, Iraq withdrawal, and god knows what else at this point…gays keep receding into the background…first marriage was a state issue, now it’s only between a man and a woman, and now god is in the mix. Suddenly deciding at what point life begins is “above his job description.” Sorry, but there’s no sense voting for a desperate liar who’s also bad at it.

    Figure it out and vote green. You can’t have your Obama but give the Greens their 5% threshold for funding. Build the real future, not the future that’s being propounded for heteros by the barely-experienced senator.

  • Jake

    No 44 Troy….why does it have to be Republican trolls? I’m registered independent and have voted in every election since i was 18. i have voted Republican once and Democrat 4 times in presidential elections. I guess I’m an independent troll. sorry, but being independent means independent thinker as well. i don’t have blind party affiliation as most people seem to on this site.

  • Troy Smythe

    Jake, I wouldn’t admit to being Republican either.

  • fresh youth

    you sound so foolish. support Obama if you like. and good for you… but attack one of the FEW powerful people speaking out to DEFFEND LGBT rights day in and day out? a man who’s career is committed to working to promote acceptance and equality for LGBT’s…

    i just don’t understand.

    more than any celeb, Colichman has a reasonable responsibility to give an informed opinion as a leader of our community.

    you’re making Colichman into the enemy for bringing attention to that fact that we (LGBT’s) are not satisfied with simply the lesser of 2 evils… we deserve a GOOD candidate

  • KFLO

    what a fucking loser! Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama have all fought for gay rights and this bitch will just give up! He’ll sit by and let McCain get elected?? FUCK HIM!!

  • Mr C

    Excuse Fresh Youth.

    I assuming you are YOUNG. Because a publisher of a Gay Mag is not a LEADER for this community. He provides a service to some LGBT. For I will not renew my subscription to The Advocate, or Out!

    It’s still amazes me how Hillary is different from this Man (Obama)policies are the same minues a few things here and there.

    Only fucking difference is that he’s Black she’s White and there are still issues about some white’s voting outside the box.

    But it’s just like the weekend at the bars.
    SO SEGREGATED so if you don’t unify in assimilation you don’t have a unified Gay Community and WE ARE NOT A UNIFIED Gay Community.


    Our dirty little secret is about to make it to the public masses

    And Obama has nothing to do with it. He just brought out some very embedded feelings of some of you!



    #5: “Hillary Clinton also defined marriage as a man and women. ” Sorry, your typo (if it *was* one) deserves pointing out; it’d explain a lot about her own marriage :)

  • Erick

    This has been a very interesting election. On Nov we will all know how far we have come with racism in this country. It’s up to the new generation if they all can make it to the polls & not hang out at a friends house smoking the “hope” pipe.

  • Jason

    Stupidest argument ever. At least he should be honest and say that the only reason he prefers Hillary over Obama is because he’s black. Obama has more progressive views than Hillary ever did. He’s either really ignorant or just plain racist.

    I won’t subscribe to Out or The Advocate come September.

    Obama/Biden ’08

  • AJ

    So people here are cancelling their subscriptions because of the owner’s political-donation preference? He never said he was jumping on the “straight-talk express”.

    Get over it… It’s not like he’s a homophobe, maybe a slight hypocritical. He just wants equal rights without segregation involved and especially without a religious citation attached to it, as also many of us would also prefer.

    Senator Clinton has stated also that she supports civil unions but for different main-reasons, for the sake of compromising.

    Senator Clinton: “I believe in full equality of benefits, nothing left out,” she said. “From my perspective there is a greater likelihood of us getting to that point in civil unions or domestic partnerships and that is my very considered assessment.”

    She went on to say that her position could evolve, as it did with Al Gore. In my opinion, Senator Clinton is not perfect on LGBT issues but she is certainly more comfortable than Senator Obama with this issue, as he did fumble on this topic at the faith forum. So if you’re a single-issue person like Colichman, which is really irresponsible, then it would be obvious that Senator Clinton is a better selection on LGBT issues. So quit trying to turn it into a race issue when someone doesn’t completely support Senator Obama.

  • konrad

    The only thing that would be better than Obama winning the White House would be Obama winning the White House without owing anything to corporate honcos like Colichman.

    Our community needs to realize that Regent Entertainment, like Manhunt, are NOT institutions of our community. They are for-profit businesses. They have no loyality to us or our issues, but care about THEIR bottom line. Fine. Nothing wrong with making a profit. But we and they need to stop presenting they are anything else.

    OBAMA BIDEN ’08!!!!!

  • Goforit

    OUT and Advocate are in great hands — really!!!!

  • Cam

    PAUL Colichman, whom the NYPost described as the William Randolph Hearst of
    gay media said in their article that although he was an ardent Hillary
    supporter he recently decided to support Obama. He states
    “I thought, ‘Get over yourself!’ I had literally written out a check
    to the Obama campaign. And then I saw him in front of an evangelical
    group in Anaheim,” he said.
    “Before Rick Warren at the Saddleback Civil Forum, both Obama and
    McCain defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.”
    “I thought, ‘Wow! He just threw the gay community under the bus,’ ”
    Colichman said. “My partner looked over at me, and we tore up the
    To say I find Mr. Colichman’s supposed upset at Obama’s statements
    disingenuous would be an understatement. During Hillary’s husband’s
    administration, Hillary supported the Defense of Marriage Act, a law
    preventing the federal recognition of same-sex marriage. She told the Daily News…
    “Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back
    to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage
    always has been, between a man and a woman.” So
    do I wish that the candidates were more supportive of gay marraige publicly?
    Certainly, Do I think that you can say that Hillary Clinton is any
    more supportive of it than Obama? Absolutly not, and using that as an
    excuse for supporting Clinton over Obama shows that you are not paying
    attention. For somebody like Mr Colichman who owns pretty much every
    gay magazine in the country and should be aware of such things, I
    find that incredibly disturbing and can only hope that his reporters
    are more in touch than he is. And for him to come out and lambast the Dem nominee in a paper that supports Mccain shows us that his real motivation is to wound the Obama campaign and try to prepare the way for Hillary to run in 4 years.

  • AJ

    No. 60 · Cam,

    To clarify:
    “The New York POST” is not the same as the “New York TIMES.” Mccain was endorsed by the NY Times… I don’t think a liberal newspaper would endorse Mccain.

  • Sally Forth

    What a queen.

  • fresh youth

    so sorry you feel that way, Mr. C :(

    but Colichman never said anything about race… you are straight up projecting. (in my opinion, of course)

  • Cam

    #61 AJ, The NYPost is owned by the same company that owns FOX News and is generally acknowledged to be much more conservative than the NYTimes, the NYTimes endorsed McCain in the PRIMARY against Romney and Huckabee, they won’t endorse him for the general.

  • M Shane

    The stupid fuk is just a Repiggie in disguse, lies and all. FUCK HIM. If he got to his possition with his dogshit brains anyone can. Unfortunately that’s not how hw got where he is. This is the future of gay people going down the toilet.
    He needs an enema with a ten gallon tank of sulferic acid. Maybe it will get to his brain. If he really thinks that Clinton was more in fgavor of gays than Obama he is stupid beyond any conceptionm Bets are that hes just a selfish PIG.

  • johan

    well isn’t this conversation self-destructing. just like here! TV. a bunch of loons over there. colichman hires people even more conservative and crazy than himself…so that he comes off like the normal one. i give regent a year…two tops.

  • Landon Bryce

    I have trouble taking seriously the political views of anyone who is still mourning Hillary at this point. Please.

    However, please note that Colichman is voting for Obama. He’s just not sending him a check, and that’s the right thing to do. Neither Obama nor Hillary deserve financial support from gay people. No ethical gay person should support the Democratic party’s push under Howard Dean’s leadership to soft-pedal gay issues in order to make the party more comfortable for bigots.
    The Democrats put us first on the list of people to ask for money and last on the list of legislative priorities. Coilichman has done more to change this than any of the people attacking him here will probably ever do.

    Smart gays with self-respect are giving to the Victory Fund and EQCA. Not the DNC, and not Obama.

  • AJ

    M Shane,

    I’m supporting Senator Obama and at this moment, he is the BEST choice for us. But if you or anyone else thinks that he has “favored” gays more than Clinton then you are obviously the stupid one, here. She, not Bill, has a record on LGBT rights. She has marched in parades with us more than once, she cites “civil unions” as a mean of compromising rather than religious reasons, she has talked many times about a gay man that has had a personal effect on her and her family(instead of a guy named Omar on Senator Obama’s favorite show), been interviewed in almost every gay publication and she is open to the idea of gay marriage. Senator Obama only talks about it in his speeches, which is also really important to start the conversation and he should definitly be commended for that, but she has actually demostrated her position on these issues. You are the stupid-uneducated fuck, not fuk, for not having the ability of a reasonable-thought process. Grow the fuck up!

  • Big Gay Al

    Screw that, vote Liberatarian.

  • Big Gay Al

    Sorry, meant to say Libertarian.

  • Jose

    I think he’s a moron. and a hypocritical one at that. he’s the owner of Out, which did the story outing the Manhunt owner as a republican who doesn’t support Obama, and here he is not supporting Obama? Pick a side; he flip flops just like the pols he criticizes.

  • James

    All you haters need to calm down. This is the opinion of one guy, yes he’s the owner of these GLBT companies but have you seen what they report?…they report on what they want. If you went to advocate.com today you’d see the great coverage they did on the DNC. I’m sure combined there are hundreds of employees that work for Mr. Colichman most I’m sure gay and lesbian and they all have their opinions. I wonder why we have the first amendment with all the gay on gay hate in here, you should be supporting gay companies not condemning them

  • James Bartlett

    Comedy Central’s Lauren Corrao Wins Second Annual “Most Sexist” Award in Media

    Feminist group Women’s Flash Network cites Comedy Central 2008 development slate as “appropriate for Syria.”

    MIAMI, FL (August 24, 2008) A month in advance of the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, to be broadcast on ABC at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 21, Feminist group Women’s Flash Network (WFN) revealed its Second Annual “Most Sexist Media Figure of the Year” – and with a surprise twist.

    This year, the most sexist media figure is actually a woman: Lauren Corrao of Comedy Central, a Viacom subsidiary. Last year’s award was given to Fox anchor Bill O’Reilly.

    According to Myra Foster, chair of WFN, Corrao, who is president of development for Comedy Central, won the award based on a Comedy Central development slate for 2009 announced last spring that contained the name of not a single woman either as an entertainer or as a producer.

    “We did a content analysis of the March 12th press release sent out by Corrao, and what we found were the names of 45 men and the name of one woman – herself,” said Foster, an entertainment lawyer active in women’s issues. “This is a development slate more appropriate to Syrian National Television than to an American cable network owned by Sumner Redstone’s Viacom.”

    WFN Vice-Chair Jodie Spring noted that past Comedy Central press releases boasted of the fact the network’s President, Michele Ganeless, is also a woman. “Are these two executives ‘women who hate women?’” asked Spring. “We don’t know. Some studies have shown that when women reach positions of power, they often pull up the ladder behind them.”

    “Neverthless, to have 45 men involved in developing your new comedy season, and not a single woman, should set off alarm bells to both Corrao and Ganeless and MTV’s Doug Herzog that something is majorly wrong at their network.”

    Entertainment insiders say it was Corrao who was rumored to have opposed giving a new show to Comedy Central’s sole female success story, Sarah Silverman, whose show has turned into a huge hit for Comedy Central. She was overruled by MTV Networks Entertainment Group prexy Doug Herzog.

    As her prize, Corrao will be sent a giant bronzed rat, according to Spring.

    Women’s Flash Network is a membership organization of women in media from 42 states and Puerto Rico. The press release that the award is based on is reproduced below.

    * * *

    March 12, 2008

    COMEDY CENTRAL (R) Presents the Future of Comedy With its 2008-2009 Talent and Development Slate
    Fantasy-Comedy ‘Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire’ Receives Series Order and Will Premiere in 1Q 2009

    NEW YORK, March 12 NEW YORK, March 12 /PRNewswire/ — With a week of new series and new seasons on COMEDY CENTRAL featuring the premiere of “Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil,” new seasons of “South Park,” “Lil’ Bush” and “Kenny vs. Spenny,” and ongoing, award-winning “Indecision 2008” political coverage from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report,” the all-comedy network could be excused if it sat back and laughed along with its viewers for a spell. But, not resting on its laurels, the channel, coming off its second consecutive record-breaking year, is hard at work securing the future of comedy with a star-studded 2008-09 development slate, announced today by Lauren Corrao, president, original programming and development, COMEDY CENTRAL .

    Projects in development run the gamut from short-form and sketch/variety to scripted narrative and animation, as well as COMEDY CENTRAL’s first foray into medieval comedy, and feature a cross-section of top comedic talent including Snoop Dogg, Andy Richter, David Alan Grier, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, Nick Swardson, Daniel Tosh, Bobby Lee and Opie & Anthony .

    “This year’s development slate features an incredibly diverse and versatile array of talent and concepts,” said Corrao. “Our core viewers expect nothing short of the best comedy options and continue to connect with the brand we’ve built. We’re confident that these ideas will resonate with them and will continue to grow the network’s success into the coming year.”

    The first of the 2008-2009 development slate to receive a series order marks COMEDY CENTRAL’s first fantasy-comedy and will premiere during 1Q 2009. “Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire” is an outrageous, live-action, character-driven comedy that takes place in the “long ago past” and features the reluctant hero Krod Mandoon, a sensitive, clueless freedom fighter, as the last great hope in a medieval struggle. The series is written by Peter Knight and executive produced by Knight, Keith Samples, Brad Johnson, Courtney Conte and Flody Juarez.

    Other projects that have been greenlit for pilot/presentation production include: Untitled Snoop Dogg Animated Project, a half-hour animated comedy featuring Snoop Dogg as a 15 year-old growing up in 1980s Long Beach, CA; Untitled Andy Richter Sketch Show, a sketch show starring Andy Richter, executive produced by Kent Alterman (“Semi-Pro,” “Elf”); “David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News,” a fake magazine show hosted by the “In Living Color” alum that covers inherently urban pop culture topics; and “Gay Robot,” an animated, scripted series about the day-in-the-life, post-college adventures of Gay Robot, voiced by Nick Swardson (“RENO 911!,” “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”), and his roommates partying their way through life while trying to find their way in the world.

    COMEDY CENTRAL will also continue to feature the best in original stand-up comedy and will premiere three one-hour, original stand-up specials in 2008 starring Carlos Mencia (“Mind of Mencia”), John Oliver (“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”) and Brian Regan.

    Descriptions of all 2008-2009 development projects follow: SERIES GREENLIGHTS

    “Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire”

    Krod Mandoon is a reluctant hero in a medieval world. After the death of his mentor, Arcadius, Krod becomes the last great hope in the fight against the evil Dongalor. If only he wasn’t so worried about his hairline. Written by Peter Knight and executive produced by Knight, Keith Samples, Brad Johnson, Courtney Conte and Flody Juarez.

    PILOTS/PRESENTATIONS (all titles listed are working titles)

    Untitled Snoop Dogg Animated Project

    A half-hour animated comedy featuring Snoop Dogg as a 15 year-old growing up in 1980s Long Beach, CA and dealing with family, school and the streets, giving viewers a hilarious look at growing up in the hood. Executive produced by Snoop Dogg and Tom Lynch.

    Untitled Andy Richter Sketch Show

    A sketch show starring Andy Richter executive produced by Kent Alterman (“Semi-Pro,” “Elf”) and Tim Sarkes.

    “America’s Biggest Idiot”

    Each week, three guys compete against one another in a series of off-the- wall physical challenges to see who is willing to take the most punishment. Hosted by Daniel Tosh. Created and executive produced by Jim Biederman (“Tom Green Show,” “Jamie Kennedy Experiment”), Vito Viscomi (“Tom Green Show,” “Punk’d,” “Jackass”) and Paul Greenberg (“Jackass,” “Punk’d”).

    “David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News”

    A fake magazine show hosted by “In Living Color” alum and Tony(R) Award- nominee David Alan Grier that covers inherently urban pop culture topics. The pilot is executive produced by Grier (“Little Man”), Robert Morton (“Mind of Mencia”), Fax Bahr and Adam Small, and Generate’s Peter Aronson and Jordon Levin. (previously listed in COMEDY CENTRAL’s 2007-2008 development slate announcement as a presentation deal)

    “Gay Robot”

    An animated, scripted series composed of two eleven-minute stories per episode about a gay robot, voiced by Nick Swardson (“RENO 911!,” “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”), and his friends Nick, Pat and Matt living together after college. The show follows the day-in-the-life adventures of Gay Robot and the guys partying their way through life while trying to find their way in the world. Produced by Happy Madison and Sony TV and co-written by Nick Swardson and Aaron Lee.

    “The Scariest Show on Television”

    Put a group of twisted comedy writers at the helm of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and you get “The Scariest Show on Television,” an anthology series where host Julius Darkshaft, played by Paul F. Tompkins (“Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil,” “Anchorman”), takes us through his vault of hilarious morality tales and gorefests. Tales include such gems as “The Misfortune Cookie,” where three Wall Street racists emerge from a Chinese restaurant to find that their gruesome fortunes are coming to life. Executive Produced by Jim Biederman, Brett Gelman and Jon Daly, Waverly Films and 3Arts Entertainment.

    “Search and Destroy”

    Executive producer Troy Miller (“Viva La Bam,” “Flight of Conchords”) brings viewers along on a scavenger hunt where nothing is off limits. Hosted by radio personalities Opie & Anthony, two teams of comedians run amok in New York City with a list of assignments and head-to-head competitions.

    “Speed Freaks”

    A scripted show starring Zach Galifianakis and A.D. Miles about two small town losers who are on the run from a redneck mafia hit-man after blowing up a local meth lab. As they fumble around the south trying to find odd jobs and shelter, the faceless hit-man is always hot on their trail.

    SCRIPT/PAPER DEVELOPMENT (all titles listed are working titles)

    Untitled Bobby Lee Project

    This narrative comedy starring Bobby Lee (“MADtv”) will focus on his unique point of view of living in his multi-cultural world. The show is co- written by Bobby Lee and Michael Hitchcock & Dick Blasucci (“MADtv”).

    “Gypsy Cab”

    An animated series consisting of two eleven-minute stories per episode revolving around the life of a driver of a dilapidated Gypsy Cab and his passengers, who will be portrayed in each episode by a different stand-up comedian. The Cab will be “home base” but viewers will also visit the cab depot, his apartment and spend time with his mom. Created by Jordan Rubin and written by Rubin and Aaron Lee. Rubin, Lee and Generate’s Dave Rath are the executive producers.

    “Michael and Michael Have Issues”

    A sketch comedy from comedians Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter (“The State,” “Stella”), this show features segments addressing issues each of the stars has with themselves, each other and the world at large.

    “Reality Bites”

    COMEDY CENTRAL’s “uber-spoof” on the reality genre, this series sets out to completely take the piss out of American television’s popular, yet most hated, genre. Ten comedians compete to keep it “real-er” than the others and challenge each other to be the ultimate reality television star. Executive produced by 3 Ball Productions (“The Biggest Loser,” “Beauty and the Geek”).


    “Carlos Mencia: *Performance Enhanced”

    A one-hour stand-up special starring Carlos Mencia (“Mind of Mencia”) executive produced by Robert Morton. Premieres May 18 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

    “John Oliver: Terrifying Times”

    A stand-up special starring John Oliver (“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”) produced by Dakota Entertainment. Premieres April 20 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

    Untitled Brian Regan Stand-up Special

    A stand-up special starring Brian Regan produced by Dakota Entertainment. Premieres 3Q 2008.

    COMEDY CENTRAL, the only all-comedy network, currently is seen in more than 91 million homes nationwide. COMEDY CENTRAL is owned by, and is a registered trademark of, Comedy Partners, a wholly-owned division of Viacom Inc.’s (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B) MTV Networks. COMEDY CENTRAL’s Internet address is http://www.comedycentral.com. For up-to-the-minute and archival press information and photographs visit Press Central, COMEDY CENTRAL’s press Web site at http://www.comedycentral.com/press.

  • Mass Edge

    Colichman should first focus on how he is going to position OUT and the Advocate in the 21st century before offering his ignorant comments to Page Six. He wants to be a media mogul. Great. But there are responsibilities to that and he just missed the Big Picture Boat. He might want to read some back issues of the Advocate to bring himself up to gay speed. He doesn’t have to buy them – he owns the magazine!

  • Keith Farrrelly

    A message to this unlettered guy, who I am sure can not even read a long book, nor understands policy. You have wrapped yourself into an unusual cocoon which bears little or no sense–I suppose you want 4 more years of this, Bush is contemptuous, ignorant, incurious, a dupe of anyone who humors his deluded belief in his heroic self, he has bankrupted the country with his disastrous war and his tax breaks for the rich, trampled on the Bill of Rights, appointed foxes in every henhouse, compounded the terrorist threat, turned a blind eye to torture and corruption and a looming ecological disaster, and also squandered the rest of the world’s goodwill. In short, no other president’s faults have had so deleterious an effect on not only the country but also the world at large.

    This is not a time for a one issue vote, and I am gay and proud of it, you are weird and misguided. My email is above for those who want to comment, my blog will be active again to stop this madness.

  • angela

    “Obama is the affirmative action candidate not Hillary. She is not the Democratic nominee thanks to your underhanded tactics and thievery.”

    Hillary lost fair and square, get over it.

    And lol @ affirmative action candidate. You do know that affirmative action benefits women as well, right? You’ll/re stuck in a circle trying to make an insult on AA as to why Obama won the nomination! LOL.

  • jshore

    Hillary didn’t have homophobic gospel tours including sister sister and Mcclurkin to pander to evangelicals and the african american homophobic church and gospel community. Hillary isn’t good friends and confidant to to rev. James T. Meeks an Illinois state senator also one of the most active and anti-gay marriage people in the country. Hillary has always given interviews and been active and ridden on floats in New Yorks gay pride parade. I have lived in Chicago for 6 years and haven’t seen Barrack in the parade once. Nor even seen an ad about pride from him in windy city times nor free press out two main gay news papers here in chicago. This year of all years he chose to skip the parade for a haircut at Vancliff the pricey african american salon he and his wife go to and a bball play and steam at chicagos elite east bank club. He did’nt even have a float without him. Only supporters marching handing out Obama pride stickers. His excuse? Security. Only a month or so later he was grand marshall at a southside parade here in Chicago. Come on Barrack give us some more of your bull shit to pander for our votes. Or stand up to your own community and stop the cycle.

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