‘Out’ Revisits ‘Post-Gay’ Mika

Monthly gay glossy Out got a lot of attention when they featured ever-ambiguous singer Mika on their cover last year. The British-bred Lebanese-born stunner said that he refused to categorize his sexuality. So, what’s he have to say now? More of the same, of course…

From Out.com:

Q: Let’s talk about the reaction to your Out cover story.

A: So how did it go?

Q: On our side? There were a lot of people who were just thrilled to see it and hear what you had to say. And we also got a lot of flak, people who said, “How could a magazine called Out put someone on the cover who seems ashamed to admit he’s gay?”
A: That’s nonsense.

Q: What’s your reaction to that?

A: Yeah, well, I’m sure you heard that a lot. But I always polarize opinions, whether it’s my private life or the music that I make, and I’ve had to deal with that over the past year. I think that’s been one of the biggest learning curves. I’ve gotten a huge amount of success, but if you had any idea of the amount of flak that I get for the kind of songs that I write or the way that I talk about or refuse to talk about almost any private aspect of my life — you’d be pretty astonished. And one of the biggest challenges that I’ve had is just saying to myself, You know what? Just stay the same. Stay the way that you are. I can understand that you got polarized opinions. Of course you were going to. That doesn’t surprise me.

Q: Do you think there’s a way to describe your sexuality without using labels?

A: Of course there’s ways of discussing sexuality without using labels. I think that if you want to discuss sexuality or just kind of sexual things to begin with, I think there definitely is. I think that’s far more interesting than talking about whether someone is agreeing to or refusing to use labels. I think that’s what your article — and definitely your [cover] headline [Mika: Gay/Post-Gay/Not Gay?] was getting at.

Q: Is that a conversation you want to have more of? Is it that you won’t talk about anything in your life regarding sex, or that you don’t want to talk about it in the terms that people have been asking you to?

A: I’ll talk about my opinions, and I’ll talk about my music, and I’ll write about my opinions or about my personal life stories in my music. I will not talk about labels, and I will not talk about over-categorizing things, because labels are the one thing that I’ve never agreed with — simply because I just don’t fit into them in my own personal life.

Girl must be freaky!