Out Seaman Speaks Out

Jason Knight once lived in fear of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Now that the gay seaman’s been readmitted to the Navy, however, he’s all about telling. The handsome patriot recently sat down with homo-journo Pam Spaulding for a bit of a chat.

In addition to addressing the “clerical error” that allowed his reentry into the Navy, Knight also takes a second to address General Peter Pace‘s homo-hating comments:

I respect his opinion but it has no basis or validity… There wasn’t a time when I felt that me being homosexual had any effect on the unit, unit cohesiveness, or caused any problems. Look at the number of people booted under the DADT that are in the linguist field, a field that requires a security clearance. If gays and lesbians posed such a threat to national security, then how did they get the clearance in the first place? They said the same thing before they allowed women and blacks in the military.

Knight goes on to dismiss any notion that his fellow soldiers are homophobes, nor did he receive any replies from the 10-12 politicos whom he asked for help. Shocker…

Read the entire interview here.