Out There: Every Gay Celebrity In Britain Is Married

• Lesbians and gays in the Philippines plan to register their own political party in the next federal elections. Among the biggest supporters of the LGBT party are several hairdressing associations, and various artists, entertainers, and others in typical homosexual professions are onboard as well. Maybe if gays in the U.S. formed our own political party, we wouldn’t have to rely on the Democrats to pretend they care about us. We bet the Aveda Academy would totally throw in some free conditioner for the party spokespeople. [Asian Journal]

Boyzone Stephen Gately married

• Former Boyzone member Stephen Gately gay-married his partner in the UK on Sunday. Elton John was supposed to attend the ceremony but then cancelled. Perhaps Stephen’s party threatened to be even more fabulous than Sir Elton’s, or not fabulous enough. [PinkNews]

• India may not have yet decriminalized homosexual intercourse, but the first gay community organization has been formed in the city of Chennai. The organization, called the Men Community Development Society (not the catchiest of names) aims to build community among homos for the good of society. Says one member, “I came here and was astonished to find a lot of people with whom I can identify myself. Then I came to know about condoms and the truth about HIV/AIDS.” We hope the MCDS helps everyone else in India “come to know about condoms” as well. Yikes. [New Kerala]

• Elton John will not be appearing at any civil unions in Australia anytime soon. A doomed-from-the-start bill to legalize gay unions in the Australian state of Victoria was officially killed today by Premier Steve Bracks. Australian Prime Minister John Howard also remains thoroughly opposed to the idea. We think these politicians need to rewatch Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. [GayNZ.com]

• New head of the Human Rights Campaign Joe Solmonese talks and talks in a way-too-long interview with the Washington Blade. If you have always wondered what the HRC actually does, Mr. Solmonese endeavours to explain it in painstaking detail, but don’t say we didn’t warn you when you blow your whole lunch break trying to make sense of it all. [Washington Blade]