Out There: The Strike’s Not Too Bad


• The strike enters day three and we’re cool with that. We have some, um, shopping to keep ourselves busy. No, really. [Gawker]

• One of The Gays’ favorites, Christina Ricci, is heading to television. This is a good thing. She is guest starring on the boring Grey’s Anatomy. This is a bad thing. [Yahoo News]

• We got an email claiming that French rugby players are wimps compared to the Aussies and that the Aussies too have a nude calendar available. The boys from Down Under got naked to raise money for indigenous and non-indigenous kids from rural areas. We just love the website: Naked guys next to children. Because they so go together. [Koori Kids]

Dolce & Gabbana have created the gayest phone ever. It is a gold Razr and only 1,000 were made. We want one. [Gizmodo]

• Pulling an Andy Towle, Out and the Advocate created a special website dedicated to Brokeback Mountain. It features interviews, articles, reviews, and multimedia for all you BM obsessives. [Advocate]