P.J. Crowley Defends His Defense Of Bradley Manning, Who Pulled A Knife On His Stepmom

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P.J. Crowley, who until two weeks ago was Sec. Clinton’s top spokesman, stepped down from his post after speaking openly about the government’s detainment of suspected Wikileaker Bradley Manning. Namely, that the treatment of Manning is “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defense.” Of course by “stepped down” we mean “pushed out.” But speaking to Shep Smith last night, Crowley again painted the move as voluntarily — because he has “very strongly held views … and when the controversy emerged I felt the only thing I could do was resign.” You know, because Crowley believes the American government should follow its own rules about torture! Speaking of wrongful acts:

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In 2006 Manning allegedly threatened to kill his stepmother, relays Frontline in The Private Life of Bradley Manning. Manning pulled a knife of her while living in his father’s home; it got him kicked out. She also called 911: “My husband’s 18-year-old son is out of control and just threatened me with a knife. And his father has just had surgery and he is down on the floor… Get away from him! You, get away from him! Get away from him!” The next year, Manning enlisted. Does this prove Manning was the mentally unstable young man the military should have never accepted?

The Frontline segment, which airs in full on PBS in May, also reveals Manning came out to one of his best friends at age 13. His sexuality was also the reason Manning gives for why he moved out of his father’s house, but his father insists his son’s leaving had more to do with his mental health. After the knife incident, police took him away from the house, but Manning wasn’t charged with a crime. The next day he moved out.