PA Students Who Want To Join GSA Just Have To Come Out To Their Parents First

School board directors overseeing Bangor Area High School in Pennsylvania have agreed that the school can have a gay-straight alliance, just as long as students provide a signed parental permission slip to join (something that no other school club requires).

School board director Kevin Pruett said, “Folks are uncomfortable with clubs of this type. It’s not like the chess club.” But fellow school board director Frank Addessi countered Pruett’s thinking by saying that “a child in a hostile home environment could risk getting beaten or thrown out of his or her home if he or she came out as gay or supported gay rights.”

When the GSA realized that the school would require members to first get parental permission, they renamed themselves Bangor’s Safe School Club and clarified that they only seek to provide a welcoming environment to all students, discuss current issues and promote anti-bullying messages for everyone.

So Pruett thinks that “folks” are uncomfortable with an anti-bullying student group that doesn’t even mention the word “gay” in their name? What a dillhole.