Painful: Interviewer slaps the sunglasses right off Nicole Richie’s face

Something we’d like to see more of: celebrity interviews in which the subject is unceremoniously slapped in the face.

On Sunday, Nicole Richie stopped by “Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf” to promote her new show Great News” when an errant high-five from the host managed to smack the Ray-ban glasses right off Richie’s head.

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“Omigod!” Greenleaf screams. “That was the craziest high-five of all time. I’m sorry. I’m notoriously clumsy.”

“I can see that,” Richie deadpans. “Out of my left eye only.”

Greenleaf tries to go on with the interview but Richie isn’t quite so willing to let it go, reminding the hiost that she was “just abused like two seconds ago.”



h/t: omgblog