There Will Be Laughs: Amy Poehler Producing New Gay Sitcom


We could all use a little good news right now, and this is pretty damn good news: Amy Poehler is going to be producing a new show about a gay couple who have fallen in love despite coming from two very different cultures. It’s called “Family Style,” and it’s about two men who run a restaurant in Miami, and their multi-generational family.

If we had heard about this a few days ago, we’d be like, “oh, that’s cute.” But today, a reminder that there are still people out there who care about queer multi-ethnic families nearly moves us to tears.

Amy’s company is also working on a musical comedy starring Carol Burnett, which is perfect. Carol has always been an icon for queer people, and we cannot get enough of her.

You may recall that a few weeks after 9/11, Carol hosted a retrospective of her old comedy show. The country was desperate for something to laugh about at the time, and it was beautiful and cathartic and wonderful even if you never thought The Carol Burnett Show was all that funny.

The point is that now is an important time to find reasons to keep going, and Amy Poehler lending visibility to our lives is a pretty fantastic reason. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this concept to the screen — we cannot wait to see it.