“Pansy” Shock Jocks Get Booted

It’s been a long time coming, but WFNY-FM’s radio show, “The Dog House with JV and Elvis” has finally been canned. CBS radio has unceremoniously fired the two loud mouth radio jockeys after the pair played a racist act. NY Post reports:

The pair broadcast a call to a Chinese restaurant; the caller, in an exaggerated accent, placed an order for “shrimp flied lice,” claimed he was a student of kung fu and compared menu items to employees’ body parts.

Vandergrift and Lay were suspended without pay for three weeks, but Asian-Americans demanded the same penalty applied to the much higher-profile Imus.

This isn’t the first time JV and Elvis caused a scandal. The unemployed duo raised some eyebrows when they booted A Brief Smile’s so-called “pansy” bassist back in March. Here’s JV and Elvis’ account from their now defunct blog:

After JV continued his bashing of the pansy bass player, said pansy bass player returned to the studio (un-invited this time) to lambast JV for using the word “Faggy”. He says he takes offense to that word, being a boy of mixed sexual tastes (that means he’s half a fenook like Rudy), and more or less asked for an apology.