Park City Ski Area’s Gloomy About Economy, Sundance Boycott

While Park City is still wary of the threat of a potential boycott by gays and lesbians at this month’s Sundance, it’s the crushing effect of the economic collapse that has civic leaders really upset. Still, leaders don’t really understand why the LGBT community would skip Sundance. Peter Curtis, President of Park City Mountain Resort points out that the rest of Utah considers Park City to be ‘Sin City’. They also call chocolate milk, ‘fire water’.

Curtis talks about the potential boycott to the L.A. Times‘ Travel section:

“It’s a whisper campaign, if anything,” Curtis says.

Craig McCarthy, communications manager for the Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, notes: “The noise from the economy is really overshadowing everything else.”

Bill Malone, its executive director, says: “Measuring the impact of a Proposition 8 boycott is impossible. The big story is the economy.”

Park City is “probably one of the most gay-friendly cities in the state of Utah,” Malone says, pointing to the community’s diversity and welcoming atmosphere, so much so that — according to Curtis, the ski resort president — the community’s known as “Sin City” in other parts of Utah.

“We’re definitely aware of the emotion around the [Prop. 8] issue,” says Jill Miller, managing director of the film fest’s sponsor, the Sundance Institute, in Park City. She notes that advance ticket sales are actually up, compared with last year.

“Sundance has always been a place that fosters dialogue about the issues of our time,” she says. “So it would be unfortunate if people were to boycott the festival, because that’s exactly where these kinds of discussions that need to happen do happen.”

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  • Krista Parry

    This is a good article that points out the seperation between ski resorts and anything surrounding “Proposition 8”. As Peter stated, Park City is known to be “Sin City” in the state of Utah. It’s a great place to visit and enjoy all the bars, restaurants and great skiing/snowboarding that the town offers. Hope to see you here in Park City!

  • Wolf

    Yes Park City is “different” BUT there are still many Mormon Run businesses in the Area that will profit from Sundance and the Sundance festival itself has events located in Salt Lake City and its Headquarters are housed in the Park City Marriott The CEO of the company that does own it (Sunstone Hotel Investors), Robert A Alter, did give money to Mitt Romney… but he didn’t give money to BUT THEN again he is a MORMON so any money the Hotel Makes that he profuts from a percentage will be tighthed to The Mormon Church. And then we have the Cinemark debacle. Instead of pulling movies completely OUt of Cinermark Threatres they are setting up “alternative” screening rooms.

    It just irks me the way Sundance has made this auch a non issue.

  • Raphael

    Please target your boycotts against businesses that supported Prop 8, and not just any mormon-owned businesses. A few of them, out of moral conviction, lack of resources, or simple lack of interest, did not give money to the campaign. Let’s not tar the entire religion just because the overwhelming majority of them are mindless bigots.

  • Wolf

    Sorry when its MANDATORY to give 10 percent of your earning to the Religion which in turns supports anti-prop meausres YES IMO you can TAR the entire religion, people seem to forget that Mormons. ALL MORMONS HAVE TO TIGHE.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Oh, Sundance is still happening? Word on the street is that it was canceled…..because Utah is dead to Liberals! Hmmm, boycotting all businesses seems fair even if they are “not Prop 8 supporters” but I don’t hear any Mormon voice in opposition to their political agenda to completely drag America back to the Stone Age. So, fuck them all as there are plenty of cheaper and better places to Ski where the rainbow flag is welcomed! My Gay dollars will not go to the state of the Mormon Church who might be serving 8 block long soup lines by Spring!

  • hardmannyc

    That boycott is dead in the water. In Hollywood, dealmaking ALWAYS trumps ethics.

  • Wolf

    Lala. Thnaks and I knew that but what I posted is a Sundance statement about who owns the Hotel

    “The CEO of the company that does own it (Sunstone Hotel Investors”

    Sundance just sucks anyway. Eben thier Cable Channel is crap

  • chuck


    Hear! Hear!

    I always love it when gays defend religion with stupit comments like, “But, not all ________________(Insert name of the haters of your choice).

    If they aren’t, then why aren;’t they outraged and why are they not protesting as loudly as the LGBT community?

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. – Edmund Burke

    Raphael and gays like him, would do well to ponder those words the next time they feel inclined to champion religion, at the expense of the LGBT community’s right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Then again, many of these religion defenders do not feel worthy of any of those rights, which is a clear indication that the Church has done it’s evid deeds well.

  • ousslander

    Why not boycott the state of california? Aftrer all they were the ones that passed prop 8.

  • Bruno

    A person’s attendance at Sundance would probably entail paying airport and sales taxes, and then having to spend monies at local Moron-owned businesses, etc. And even then, Sundance itself is paying Moron-run Cinemark for their theater time, and likely many others. So, yes we like the Sundance corporation in general for what they’ve been to the independent communities of this country, but their festival takes place in the middle of Moron hell, and that’s just that.

    I plan to not ever stay at a Marriott…not because I think the ownership was pro-prop 8, but I know that inadvertently I’d be tipping someone who was. That’s just how far we’ll have to go to protect ourselves from these wretched homophobes. It’s a culture war, and unfortunately there’ll be some innocent casualties.

  • paul

    Ski Whistler or other British Columbia mountains. We are gay friendly up here (same sex marriage is legal in all of Canada) and the snow and scenery is better.

    Why support homophobes when there are so many gay positive alternatives?

  • Justin Allen

    There should be a list of gay owned business to go to while there. Or, at least gay friendly.

  • greybat

    @ousslander: You know what? I LIVE in California, and think that’s GENIUS! Our unemployment is the worst, and even the rich are feeling the pinch. Anymore more pressure and even those worthless Orange County Republicans will be begging for that mythic “expendible income”!

  • mark

    hey curtiss,
    it ain’t a whisper campaign


    loud and clear enough for ya Skippy?

  • mark

    When gays and lesbians confront Mormons, we get cast as the VILLIAN attacking the sweet innocent friendly Church folks.

    So instead we will CRATER 6 Billion dollars of Utah tourism, and Utah residents will teach THEIR LDS elders a CIVICS LESSON:

    Mind Your OWN F*ckin Bu$ine$$……1-001

  • mark

    being the “gay friendliest place in Utah”

    sets the bar so low you might stub your toe on it.

    That’s like the wealthy section of an Arkansas trailor park.

  • chuck


    Lol, Mark

  • Dave

    @mark: Aw snap


  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Ousslander advocates “Do nothing, stay home, pull the curtains, don’t touch your lover intimately, don’t rock the boat, Obey Obama All the time!” I smell a Utah-wide Boycott!

  • ousslander

    Seitan, I never said do nothing. I just think boycott should be against the state and people who actually voted for discrimination.
    Yes the Mormons did help fund the campaign and should be called on the carpet but nothing should be done to the ones who did their dirty work? LIke the residents ofg supposedly uber-liberal Cali which are supposed to be so much ebtter for gays than a flyover state.

  • pickles

    In the first post, by Krista Perry, she asks that we,” visit and enjoy all the bars”. Are you working for the tourism board or something? Park City has NO gay bars. Zero. Sure they’ll all take your queer money, but don’t be confused. You’d be drinking at straight bars. Boycott. Just do it. Saves you money, makes a point. This prop never would have passed without Mormon hate (ok, let’s just be nice an call it small-minded and self serving) money.

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