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  • CitizenGeek

    Meh, they do stuff like that with all models. It’s not a big deal. Besides, she does look better in the Elle picture.

  • retrofit71

    I’m with citizengeek, I work at a national magazine, and it’s just color corrected, trust me, if you see what most of these people look like unretouched, it ain’t pretty..

  • n

    tru, but a bit extreme dont u think in this instance?

  • mark

    This is SO unnecessary Beyonce is stunning just as she is.
    The excusers of this manipulation, act as if there has never been/or currently isn’t a benefit for African Americans to be lighter.

    “Lighten up and Brighten Up” used to be the slogan on face BLEACH.

  • Joe

    I can’t believe the first two commenters… seriously? She looks like she has vitiligo.

  • mark

    Beyonce isn’t blameless in this ad, she cooperated in this propoganda.

  • Michelle

    Wow, paper bag… that’s pretty old school, but sadly it still applies.

  • spunkbox

    can someone photoshop some talent onto that cow?

  • Nitesurf

    Why don’t they just go get a white girl for the ad instead of pretending Beyonce is.

  • Darth Paul

    Mark’s totally right. Many magazines DO brighten the black folks up pretty regularly…and I have no doubt Beyonce is thrilled by it.

    LMAO at ‘paper bag’, though…!

  • Snoodle

    Colour correction no doubt…but she does look a bit ridiculous, it’s definitely overkill…

  • Alex Sarmiento

    I hate Beyonce Knowles. I don’t dispute her talent, but she is a shining example of why America will only tolerate women of color if they look and act, well, white enough.

  • Geode

    It’s an ad for dye! Isn’t she wearing a weave anyway?

  • mark

    The silliest thing I saw on this story at HuffPo is l’oriel denies they manipulated the image, and Beyonce won’t comment.
    SHAME and SHAME again

  • Rowen

    Beyonce, mainly due to her father, was always the “lighter” girl back when she was in Destiny’s Child. Frankly, I’m more annoyed at the way they photoshopped her face into some hard angles.

  • RJ

    What does retouching have to do with make Beyonce look white? Amazingly, other magazines airbrush pictures of black people and don’t make them paler than my German-Irish self.

    Ignoring the lightening of skin, there is also the fact that they altered the shape of her nose.

  • Ryan

    Um I think you just answered your own question. If you take a photo of a black woman, lighten her skin, alter her nose, and put a silky white girl weave on her – then you are making her look white!

  • mark

    Beige is Beautiful

    say it proud….F*CK!

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