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Pastor Steven Anderson, Who Wants Gays To Die, Loves Being Labeled A Hate Leader

“Do I hate [homosexuals]? Absolutely. But am I just all about hate? No, I’m sure I’m a lot more about love than I am about hate,” says Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, located in a strip mall in Tempe, Arizona. And just like the Family Research Institute, Family Research Council, American Family Association, and the Traditional Values Coalition, Anderson’s church has been dubbed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. But unlike Tony Perkins’s constant whining about his new label, Anderson is embracing it. “If hating homosexuals makes our church a hate group, then that’s what we are.” Good for him! (NB: And yes, this is the same Pastor Steven Anderson who preached about how he “hates” Barack Obama.)

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  • Jack

    He looks like he stepped straight out of a Men At Play video… how many of these “haters” have to get caught with rentboys before the world grasps what’s REALLY going on here?!

  • Spike

    “A church located in a strip mall in Tempe, Arizona . . ”

    A strip mall? In Tempe, AZ??? HA HA HA HA HA

    Doesn’t sound like God’s Chosen people to me.
    More like God’s unchosen!

  • rf

    100% gay

  • Lucas

    At least this guy openly hates gays instead of hiding behind false love like our current crop of religious dogma-fed nutbags.

    Sure I think he’s evil and batshit crazy, but at least he holds the bible accountable for the hatred inside of it. I respect him much more then all these other religious zealots that hate gays as part of their god’s love.

  • kayla

    I’ve actually seen some of his videos sans the facial hair, he’s actually kinda hot…so sad he’s a hater…

  • Comixbear

    Why do so many people think that God is defined by hate rather than by love?

  • justiceontherocks

    He’s a nelly bottom. Takes it in the ass from truck drivers through glory holes. Probably likes servicing two or three at a time. Loves taking the 12 year old boys Bible class on overnight retreats.

  • gregger

    Just like Roy Cohn, Ted Haggard, et al, self loathing delusional closet cases.

  • Paul Mc

    100% gay…. 150%?


    Treble gayness….

  • Kev C

    His wife has a blog and she “hates homos, faggots, Obama, socialism, abortion, public schools, […], and IVF. Not necessarily in that order”.

    She also hates the Homo Depot. Also .. a koooook.

  • Justice

    It’s so hard to tell just looking at them, until they open their mouths to speak.
    The question is, how much tolerance society should have for the insane in its midst. The insane are a threat to a peaceful society.
    Is this nutjob a threat? I think so. He’s masquerading as a socially acceptable minister, and maintains a public business/church, which some will think gives him credibility – he’s not just a typical de-institutionalized psychotic wandering the streets, off his meds. Thus, in promoting hatred of a group, he’s responsible for any violence or other harm resulting.
    Why this isn’t considered a harm to society, I don’t understand. In my opinion, the law is wrong, and lawmakers are ultimately responsible for people like this, and thus not doing their jobs to make the streets safe for everyone.

  • DR

    I have to say I find it kind of funny this guy’s church has been labeled a full-fledged hate group. It’s a congregation of less than 100 people, the only one who speaks out is him, and it’s in a strip mall in Tempe.

  • jamie

    @rf: lol.

    Hot though.

  • thedarkchariot

    @Jack: ROFL. He DOES look like he just stepped out of a Men at Play video.

    Can I just point out that his group is the one knocking on doors, and I quote from the video, “recruiting”? I thought we were the ones that did that.

  • Owen

    Isn’t that Matthew Fox from “Lost”..?

  • Cam

    Hey, at least this guy is open about his hate. Unlike the B.S.ers like PAt Robertson that try to use soft language to hide their bigotry.

    As for this guy being a closet case….well my comment is the same as it always is…no actual straight guy spends any amount of time just thinking about gays, it’s boring for them, if this guy spends hours worrying about gays then he’s a virulently terrified closet case end of story.

  • Nune

    Ummm… excuse me, as English is not my mother language, but do I understand this §$%&§?!! correctly, that it was the gays who called Jesus “Beelzebub” and killed him…?

    I mean, really… I CANNOT have understood this correctly, can I???

  • kayla

    @Nune: No, he’s not saying the Gays killed Jesus. He’s saying that since Jesus, Christians have always been persecuted and hated, so he’s not surprised that people are attacking him for speaking the “truth” as he sees it. He’s basically saying he’s the victim…Unfortunately he’s just a lost soul in need of some love…

  • David

    Did he write his own Bible? The word “homosexual” does not appear anywhere in the Bible… yet he’s holding a Bible that has the word homosexual in it?

  • Simon

    he’s so’rapeable’ ;) no violence ?! what about stoning ? it’s allowed in his book of fun

  • globo

    No homo lol.

    This guy is a joke.

  • John

    I’m sorry but that guy is so hot

  • alan brickman

    he hot? cool….bring back morning goods to correct this…

  • redball

    From immigration to wanton shooting to now this…AZ seriously needs some good PR!!

  • Eminent Victorian

    Wow, I don’t typically presume an anti-gay bigot is gay, but THIS GUY, my stars & garters. He must feel awful after after Grindr hookup.

  • justiceontherocks

    @John: I assume that was a piss poor attempt at humor. Any gay person who would find this trailer trash “hot” needs therapy in the worst way.

  • mike

    this guy is a idiot

  • Kieran

    Here’s a Bible verse for Steven to study:

    “A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” —Jesus of Nazareth
    (John 13:34)

  • redball


    LOL! Most likely, yes :-).

    Your post kinda reminds me of a New Year’s Eve party in 2008 that I attended with my partner. When a drunk guy who was there with his girlfriend found out that we were gay, he insisted on making strange little comments to me about gay sex and about my partner and I doing it “up the butt.”

    I played it cool. We were in a large room with plenty of friends. As long as he didn’t turn violent, I was sort of amused to see where he would take the conversation. Impossible to reason with a drunk guy, after all.

    But I reaaaaaally got the feeling that, had he and I been alone for a few moments, he would’ve tried to get sexual with me.

    Oh yeah: and at the tail end of the interaction he grabbed my butt. o_O

    Never saw him before then–-nor since. I have no idea if he’s a homophobe in real life like this Steven Anderson queen. But he definitely didn’t speak in respectful tones about homosex.
    I’d never go up to a straight guy and talk about him doing his gf “up the pussy.”

  • Nottachristian

    He’s a fag fag faggoty faggot

  • GregorVonK

    I never find hate hot. The ugly spills over.

  • Daez

    @Comixbear: Because they let the religious right kidnap Jesus and morph him into something he isn’t. Instead of learning enough about the one book used to deny us so much, they just ignored the book because some religious assholes pissed them off.

  • Jaroslaw

    Gregorvonk – This is not a snarky comment, really, I’m glad you can be highminded. Personally, his beliefs are detestable and he is scum as a human being. But he is hot to look at. He is.

    But after listening to the “video” if he’s not Gay, I’ll donate my next paycheck to a charity. He’s trying really hard to macho it up, but the Gay is coming through. My Gaydar is about 85-90% accurate. I know from living in the same general area for years. Guys that were married, eventually came out. etc.

  • Thomas Marx

    Read a few of his statements/sermons on his website and it’s obvious the poor man was sexually traumatized as a child. A lot of times hate is self-hate, refusing to accept who you are. But sometimes a cigar is a cigar. Sometime people are angry and in pain because they were victims of one of the worst crimes imaginable: rape. I don’t see Pastor Stephens as a closet case; I see him as someone who’s trying to make sense of something no one should have to come to terms with.

    That doesn’t excuse what he says. But it does explain it to a degree.

    And for the record, with all due respect to the man, I don’t find him cute. I do, however, feel sad for the guy. It’s obvious he went through something horrible.

  • Jaroslaw

    GREAT point David #18. The word homosexual didn’t exist until about 1865.

  • Zeus

    He sounds like a big weenie.

  • GetBalance

    Ok, this guy is a drag queen, he’s just not in makeup.
    Mr. Obvious.

  • Garj

    Hot gay hating closet case!

  • Kite

    Wow…just listing to him my gaydar was going off…but you know…

  • Jaroslaw

    #32 T Marx: and sometimes people latch onto a hot button issue and ride it for their own profit too. I think that is much more likely than him being traumatized as a child. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but anyone can play the “could be” game. And I appreciate you adding ‘this doesn’t excuse what he says….” to your post.

  • Jaroslaw

    Darn I hate it when I forget – T Marx – he sounds gay to me. The minister at our local MCC church was married. He has a masculine look and personality but he has that subtle Gay sound in his voice. Not everyone has it of course, but he was married previously, very young; and he knows he has to ‘butch’ it up when he visits his son in the military. I’ve heard him do it. That is what this guy sounds like to me. I could be wrong – and I’m not making that assessment like some here just to be ‘told ya so.’

  • Robbie K

    Hot prayer :-)I look forward to when I run into him behind the mall.

  • Mark C

    Im really confused did this guy just accuse homosexuals of crucifying jesus lmao?

    Also ya why is it that the biggest closet cases are the ones who hate everyone the most.

  • Jaroslaw

    Redball – I overlooked your post – I’m kinda intrigued by it – as you say who can figure out drunks – but the last line – ” I would never talk to a straight guy about doing it up the pussy.”

    He is reflecting society’s attitudes that queers are “less than” and not worthy of respect and so of course he felt comfortable saying that to you.

  • Jaroslaw

    He is reflecting society’s attitudes that queers are “less than” and not worthy of respect and so of course he felt comfortable saying that to you.

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